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Kenny Young

The scientific method is best demonstratedby the formation, testing and finally the rejection or acceptance of ahypothesis based on the evidence. For science to function as a valid entity,those seeking to further its cause must not yield to the temptation toinvest themselves too deeply in any hypotheses that would motivate theirinvestigations.

Having no solid physical evidenceto support either theories of Evolution or Creation, both concepts areonly ideas and interpretations that lead to creation of an ideology. Acreationist observes a design and infers a designer, an evolutionist observesa design and infers random chance. Which takes more faith?

Furthermore, do either the creationistor evolutionist 'throw out' certain data that does not conform to theirtheories? On the basis of certain known findings, I dare charge that bothparties are dreadfully guilty.

Thusly, the study of anomalous phenomenonis also riddled with a "faith versus science" issue, and those presentingthe details of UFOs and unexplained events frequently reject findings incompatiblewith their ideas, and advance their own philosophical interpretations throughtheir research, and these actions lead to ideology.

If an investigator assumes a hypothesisbased upon a personal world view, his or her research findings may be taintedby their investigative methodology which may interpret certain resultsto conform to their ideology. This person may be less likely to rejectunder any circumstances and regardless of the evidence, information damagingto their philosophy.

For this reason alone, their scienceis suspect.

Faith, by definition, is 'a beliefin the absence of evidence.' This faith applies to both the UFO believer,who cannot present a "UFO" complete with occupant for public scrutiny,as well as the UFO skeptic, who cannot advance a factual presentation thatwill absolutely deny the existence of anomalous phenomenon.

A person with a predisposition attemptingto prove scientifically their own personal worldview is not only bad faith,it is bad science.

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