DATE: JUNE 6, 2003 - 2:30 A.M.


I spoke by phone with Mr. Chris S. (name on file).I was familiar with Chris as he had reported a sighting to Mr. Kenny Young,Northern Kentucky Section Director back in January of 2002. Both Kennyand I met Chris sometime later and discussed his sighting. Chris at thetime sounded like a reliable witness.

The witness related to me the following account.

At approx. 2:30 AM on June 6, 2003, he was watchingTV when from the corner of his eye he spotted a flash of yellow light thruhis sliding glass window. Chris assumes the object had came directly overhis house at approx. 1,000 feet up. At the exact moment he believes theobject was directly overhead he temporarily lost satellite reception andthe house lights dimmed.  The lights and satellite returned to normalas soon as the object had passed over. As he ran to the door to get a betterlook he noticed the object was shaped like a light bulb standing in anupright position.  He was not certain of the size of the object. Theobject moved so quickly without sound, it was gone in about 5-10 seconds.The object moved from south to a northwest direction. He said a brightyellow streak that seemed to come from the object followed the object outof sight. This was all that the claimant could say about the object asit was seen for such a short period of time.  He did say he askedthe neighbors if they had seen anything on the night in question but theyhad not been up at that time of night. I thanked Chris for his time andtold him to call me if any new details become available.

After talking to the witness I called the Monroe CityPolice and the Butler and Warren County Sheriff's Depts. to ask if anysightings had been reported on that date and time. They said nothing hadbeen reported.


A report of a UFO sighting was sent to NUFORC fromWest Chester Ohio.  The date of this sighting was June 2nd. West Chester and Monroe are in close proximity of each other.  Theperson reporting this sighting also described an electrical disturbance.

Filed 8/21/03
Donnie Blessing
Southern Ohio Section Director MUFON