Middletown, Ohio (Butler County) 
October 10, 1997 - 8:30 p.m.

A Middletown, Ohio resident, TheresaReverman (name changed due to witness confidentiality) called the CincinnatiUFO Hotline to advise of a 'huge, bright object in the southwest sky overMiddletown.' 

The sighting was reported to Wright-Patterson Air Force Base after the witness initially telephoned the DaytonInternational Airport control tower. 

Theresa was interviewed by phone after11:00 p.m. the same evening, and described a 'tremendous object' whichshe characterized best as a brilliant light. She said the object hung inplace for several minutes and then suddenly descended to a low elevation.There were several other (possibly four) witnesses who were with her atthe time. She said she attempted to get a 'snapshot' of the object witha camera that was nearby, but was uncertain how the photograph would turnout. 

She resides near the Middletown HighSchool, and was viewing the object to the southwest of her vantage point.She said the object was directly over Middletown. She could not say howthe object departed from sight, and said she simply 'lost sight of it.' 

She added that she had never seen orreported UFOs in the past, but felt compelled to report this because "somethinghad to have happened. This was very, very bizarre." 


Telephone calls were placed to the followingoffices: 

  • The Middletown Police Department (513-425-7756) 
  • The Hamilton post of the State HighwayPatrol (513-863-4606) 
  • The Butler County Sheriff's office (887-3010) 

Each respective dispatcher had noknowledge of any UFO reports received in the last several hours beforehand.The dispatcher at the Middletown police headquarters conducted a verbalcheck with other officers and dispatchers at the department. 


I was in the Hamilton area around 8:10p.m. and was greatly surprised at the amount of air traffic in the skiesat the time. The sun had set and there was a reddish cast to the westernsky, and there may have been about 12 to 15 airplanes visible at once,somewhere in the sky. I thought there may have been a problem at the Cincinnatiairport and air traffic had been held in a holding pattern. However, someof the planes (more than half) were smaller, non-commercial aircraft. Noneof the airplanes were taking off or landing from the Hamilton airport.The skies were very clear at this time and the airplane headlights wereeasily visible. Temperature around 60 degrees. 

This makes the seventh UFO sightingreported in the Ohio/Kentucky/ Indiana area since September 24. 

Report filed
OCTOBER 11, 1997
Kenny Young



LOCATION: Afton, OH (Clermont County)
DATE: October 14, 1997 - 8:00 p.m.

An alleged UFO videotape was recordedon Tuesday night, October 14, 1997 from the small community of Afton (betweenWilliamsburg and Batavia) in Clermont County. The witnesses are among threeof the eight witnesses to a separate event from Wednesday, September 24.After the previous reports, the witnesses had been asked to keep a videocamerahandy in case of any future sightings. 

According to Chrissy, Susan and Mike(names withheld), they had an occassion to grab the videocamera and rolltape after an object was seen from their vantage point on Alexander Laneafter 8:00 p.m. The object was reported to have hovered in the southwestsky about 65 degrees above the horizon. The UFO, described as a 'huge,brilliant white light,' was said to have been above the East Fork Lakearea. The three witnesses agreed that a total of eight airplanes convergedon the object and 'hovered' around it. 

When questioned more specifically aboutthis interesting detail, the witnesses agreed that the planes seemed tobe trying to 'hem the object in,' yet maintaining a certain distance fromit. One person described the planes as hovering, while another said theyseemed to 'circle' around the huge light. They said there were 4-airplanesaround the object, and two pairs of airplanes on each side of it. 

The object reportedly descended intoan area near the lake, and disappeared from sight behind a treeline, atwhich point the planes circled a short time and then flew off into differentdirections. 

The effort to videotape the event wasmade by Chrissy, who later said the event was almost over by the time sheran to get the camera. She acknowledged having problems focusing the camera.The videotape is of a 5 minute and ten second duration, and the witnessescan be heard excitedly trying to operate the camera and record the object. 

The videotape does show fleeting glimpsesof an object which appears only for a few seconds at a time as the camerais shaken due to its hand-held operation. The camera operator and bystandercomplain as the object descends behind a treeline and away from their view."I can't get it, its going down too far into the trees," complains thecamera operator. 

Most clearly on the video is the imageof an overflying airplane. 

While attempting to provide a narrativeof what is happening on the video, Chrissy, the camera operator, states:"The planes are trying to hover in on it. There is a plane coming aroundon it, blocking it in. The planes look like 'dots' compared to it." 

The engine sounds of the airplane suddenlyrecedes and the witness surprisingly proclaims: "The plane is now shuttingoff its engine and making a turn around to the thing! The plane has turnedoff its engine!" 

The audio portion of the recording affordsthe viewer with a clear perception of the engine sound, which does 'cutoff' for a 22-second period of time, during which, dogs can be heard barkingin the distance. 

The engine sound of the plane (propellor)then commences again as the narrative continues: "The plane just turnedon its engine again and coming back." The bystander also comments on theplane shutting down its engine. 

The night-time video does include severalwide shots showing the position from which the witness recorded the eventfrom their residence. When the camera zooms in, focus is lost and the imagesare shaky. 

Due to its nebulous nature and lackof identifiable images (aside from the overflying airplane) or clear shotof the alleged UFO, it is the opinion of this researcher that the videois not outstanding evidence. It does, however, express the enthusiasm ofthe witnesses, who seem to have been greatly impressed with an object surroundedby many airplanes. 


The witnesses were interviewed and thevideotape acquired around 10:30 p.m. the same evening (October 14). 

A phone call to the CLERMONT COUNTYSHERIFF'S OFFICE (513-732-2231) was made at this time, and the dispatcherhad no knowledge of UFO-related inquiries placed to the department beforehand. 

The incident was reported from an areanear the Cincinnati Milacron plant and Ford Motor Company's productionfacility. Numerous other UFO sightings have also been reported from thislocality by separate persons. 


The above cases, happening in Middletown,Ohio (Butler County) and Batavia, Ohio (Clermont County), each happenedwithin the 8:00 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. time frame and involved witnesses whowere looking to the south-west section of the sky from their respectivevantage points. 

In both cases, the object is said to'hover and then descend.' 

The cloud conditions for the two nightswere clear skies, indicating the possibility that the bright celestialobject seen nightly in the south-western portion of the sky. The witnessesclaim, however, to 'see' the object descend. Stars and celestial objectsdo traverse the sky and descend into the south-western horizon. Venus wasvisible at this time and in this section of the sky. 

Furthermore, during a follow-up phonecall placed to the Clermont County witnesses on October 22, they were askedto step outside and look in the same part of the sky where the object wasreported. After doing so at 7:45 p.m., they replied that there was a starin the same part of the sky where they reported the object. They said,however, that the star was 'not as big' as the object was on the nightin question. 

Report filed by 
Oct. 22, 1997

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