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The following information comes courtesyof the cordial staff of WXIX channel 19 Newsroom (Cincinnati FOX affiliate),who was contacted this afternoon in regards to a piece which aired on theirOctober 24, 1997 11:30 a.m. newscast (an alert Mr. Paul Koch of WesternHills spotted the report). 

The gentleman at WXIX-TV searched throughthe computer and retrieved the script used for the story of the UFO sighting.He was helpful to re-read the script, which follows. 

Channel 19 inserted 'sound-bite' interviewswith the witnesses and also included a video insert portion of the UFOrecording over the dialogue. The graphic stated: "A mysterious UFO videotapedin INDIANA?" 

Caption: Newsreel segment  FromWFLD TV in Chicago, Illinois... 

This is something a fan of the X-filesmay enjoy. 

A young brother and sister from Indianawere startled by a mysterious light in the sky Wednesday night (October22, 1997 - ky). Christy and Tony Venandor were in their backyard in Porter,Indiana when they recorded these images of a light streaking across thesky. You can see it right above the treeline. They say the light lastedonly a few seconds and disappeared without a trace. 

Insert: interview with witnesses."We saw a white dot being trailed by flames. We thought it was crashing,but wasn't sure." 

The eyewitness said it was like arocket after take off. 

It wasn't a plane crash, and thereare no official reports of a comet, so the light show over Porter, Indianaremains a mystery. 

The witness statedthat the light was witnessed only for a few seconds and the light was followedby a stream of flame. Considering the hazing of the atmosphere that night,the light they saw conceivably could of been a satellite, with the lightof the sun reflecting off the its surface and the haze in the sky reflectingthe light produced by the satellite making the light look like some sortof flame or tail. The same illusion could also be produced by the lightof a passing aircraft. 

According to thetear drop shape, it is extremely plausible that this also could have beenjet exhaust. Especially so since the shape explained by the witnesses was"...a white dot being trailed by flames." The white dot would of been thedirect flame from the turbofan engine of a jet, and the flame would bethe fading, flaming exhaust. And since the exhaust itself would be morebrilliant the the plane, the eye would be attracted to the flame not theplane. The light only went straight, the jet explanation is plausible,but it depends on if it was at night or during the day. 

Nathan C. Wroblewski 


Fox WFLD-TV took the October 22 'Porter, Indiana' UFO video to the AdlerPlanetarium in Chicago. They thought that what was contained on the videotapewas JET EXHAUST with the sunset reflecting from it, giving it an eerieradiance. 

According to Bill Jones of MORA, a similarobject was reported over Columbus, Ohio. The time was thought to be thesame as the Oct. 22 Porter, Indiana, event. Jones made inquiries with NORADregarding this, but with negative results. 

There is also a report of UFO videorecorded near Evansville, Indiana several days before the Porter, Indianaclaim. The report was posted on a newsgroup, and stated that the cameramanthought it was something 'dropping off' of a nearby airplane.  Thatreport (with original spelling) is enclosed below. (For the record,October 18 did not fall on Sunday, but on Saturday for the year 1997 -ky)

Subject: VIDEO FOOTAGEOF UFO last Sunday, October 18, 1997 
Date: Sat, 25 Oct1997 22:03:35 -0500 
From: (Name on file) 

My daughter &I were out fishing last Sunday, October 18, 1997, when we heard & sawa plane I said "look honey, see the plane!" At that time something appearedjust behind the plane, yet lower than the plane was. I first thought maybethe plane dropped something. Then, I realized it wasn't falling! LuckilyI had my video camera siting on the ground next to me. It was already inrecord mode so I got to catch it (a UFO) on tape! You tell be the judge!Tell me what it was it definately wasn't a plane. Not a plane I've everseen anyway! Can You tell me? You can tell by my daughter this strangemishalf, it even frightened her! Anyway, so there I was, I had a camerain one hand, fishin pole in the other and 6 year old daughter holding ontight to my left leg! 

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