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Fraudulence of a Skeptical Skew
By Kenny Young

Most recently I picked up a newsletter dedicated to the 'skeptic.' The read was only moderately interesting, its data was presented selectively, indubitably cautious. "Stay in touch with skeptical news and issues," implored the newsletter's promoters, "be informed by our rational approach and connect with like-minded skeptics."

While professing an interest in the subject matter of UFOs and various issues dealing with unexplained phenomena, the writers of this particular newsletter shamelessly tell the readers that information is presented from a skeptical predisposition. This agenda is based upon a platform in which all claims of anomalous phenomena are and can be systematically dismissed.

Yet while declaring itself to be a 'skeptical' periodical devoted to encouraging lucid evaluation of
pseudoscientific claims, any impartial reader of such a publication may question how objective the journal could
truthfully be when certain conjectural grounds are established in advance.

How convenient might it be for certain data not in compliance with this foregone conceptual bias to be denied
reader consideration? But of course that is not the intent of the publication - to acknowledge an unexplainable.

You are informed beforehand of their plot and purpose, you are certain of the outcome. Conflicting data be

By broadcasting such ideological motives in advance, findings and results from their inquiries are sure to be in conformity with the cause they profess. To the sensible analyst, all conclusions from such a partiality should be suspect.

Preconceived notion will lead one into the beggarly depths of belief, that familiar scourge which creeps in to fill the vacancy of unanswered questions. But if one is to hold a completely honest and open view on these higher issues, their quest for truth must not be hindered by agenda. True inquiry begins by removing the barrier of belief and skew.

Let there be no doubt that an 'agenda investigator' is one who harbors corrupt methodology based upon faith and belief, seeking to manifest their hopes and wishes in the supposed form of analysis and investigation. They seek to find, just so long as it's what they're looking for to begin with.  Whether it be a rabid skeptibunker out to dismiss all existence or the faith-filled alien-seeker declaring his belief in extraterrestrial visitation, a neutral observer is left to wonder how rational, objective - or shall we say "intellectually honest" any conclusion plumbed from a predisposition could truly be?

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