Cincinnati resident undergoes regressive hypnosis
Action results fromconcern over suspected UFO abduction

By Donnie Blessing
Release date: Tuesday, April 13, 2004

Cincinnati, OH - A Clermont County residenthas undergone hypnotic regression by a certified professional hypnotherapiston Saturday, April 10, 2004. His growing concern that he was abducted bya UFO has led to the hypnosis session that was performed at a therapy centerin Hamilton County, Ohio.

The hypnosis session was reported tobe a success by the clinical hypnotherapist. My investigation of this subjectbegan last spring when I interviewed the claimant in the company of a second,unrelated psychologist whose practice is near the Cincinnati suburb ofDelhi.

The subject reports being detained byunusual "light beings" that reportedly altered their appearance, capableof transforming into a red-colored 'light source.' The subject also reportslarge, oval, wet looking eyes on large heads. His encounters and abductionsdate back to a childhood experience and as recently as last year.

The hypnotherapist is very interestedin this case and the subject has offered additional recall of the allegedabduction episode(s) after the formal hypnosis session. An audio tape ofthe regression session has been retained and because of professional andclient confidentiality concerns, names of the participants are being withheldat this time.

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If you have any information or wish to report a UFO sighting, you can reach Mrs. Donnie Blessing, State Section Director for Ohio MUFON (Mutual UFO Network) at 513-681-4077.Blessing, a former librarian for the Clermont County library system, is also a regular contributor to the UFO Research website and her research has been covered nationally on Coast To Coast with George Noory, the Jeff Rense radio program and The Sci-Fi Channel TV special "TuesdayDeclassified," in addition to local print and television news appearances. She is also a panelist and reporter for the television program "UFO Update: LIVE!"

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