The following is a transcript of policetapes obtained by investigator Bruce Forrester, state section directorwith Ohio Mutual UFO Network (MUFON). The tapes are from the CentervillePolice Department and accompany a 'Call For Service Record' that states:"Numerous calls on electricity going on and off. Many people saw an explosiontype lights in the area of Stingley School. The sky had lit up and theysaw something hovering in the sky."

Dispatch at 5:37 a.m., call clearedat 5:10 a.m, March 6, 2004

DISPATCHER: Centerville Police?

CALLER 1: Yeah, this is a non-emergencycall.


CALLER 1: Um, I'm over on Bethel Road,and you've probably had a few people call you but I just wanted to makesure. Our electricity keeps flickering, and I see out the window the skylight up and something loud like a transformer humming... have you beenmade aware of that?

DISPATCHER: No, nobody's called on that.Is it behind your residence that you are seeing this?

CALLER 1: Actually it lights up theentire sky, and it is not anywhere where I can see it...

DISPATCHER: I'm sorry, let me get this9-1-1 call, just a moment. 9-1-1 police, fire and medical?

CALLER 2:  Yes, my name is DennisWills (sp?) 174 Linden Drive, Centerville, we're getting loud or largeelectrical flashes off the power supply system behind our house?

DISPATCHER: Okay, on the other lineI just had someone from Bethel Road and he is seeing the same thing. Isyour electricity flickering?

CALLER 2: Yes, it comes on and off andwe're getting a huge flash. And it's done this about four times.

DISPATCHER: A flash, where outside?

CALLER 2: Yes outside, and the lightsjust all came back on again.

DISPATCHER: Is it from your backyard,is it immediately in...

CALLER 2: We think it is immediatelyclose. I was trying to call DP&L, but there's just a huge, computerized'no person' phone line.

DISPATCHER: Okay. Allright.

CALLER 2: I haven't actually been ableto see it actually arc, we just see a huge flash.

DISPATCHER: Okay, we'll send someoneout. Okay sir?

CALLER 2: Okay, thank you very much.

DISPATCHER: (to first caller) My othercall was about the same thing, he lives on Linden Drive. And he is seeingflashing, maybe by his treeline. I'm sorry, I have another 9-1-1 call,what is your address on Bethel?

CALLER 1: 105

DISPATCHER: 105, thank you sir. Bye.9-1-1, police, fire-medical?

CALLER 3: Ahhh... has the whole streetcalled?

DISPATCHER: No sir, what is this about?

CALLER 3: (Laughs) The whole street,the electricity is going on and off. And there's really...

DISPATCHER: What is your address, I'mgetting more calls on this!

CALLER 3: 166 Lakeview... holy crap...are you.... there is something in the sky!

DISPATCHER:  Okay, just one momentsir!

CALLER 4: This is just ungainly...


CALLER 4: Yes, my name is John McKeef(sp?) and I'm calling from Stone Lake Drive...

DISPATCHER: Okay, allright. About flashing?

CALLER 4: Yes. That's correct.

DISPATCHER: Okay... allright, we'regoing to check this out sir.

CALLER 4: Okay, we're not the firstto call then?

DISPATCHER: No, no sir. Thank you.

CALLER 4: Okay, bye bye.

DISPATCHER: 9-1-1/Centerville police

CALLER 5: Ah yes, do you happen to knowwhat's going on in our neighborhood.

DISPATCHER: No, we're having an officerin the area, what is your address?

CALLER 5: 157 Bradstreet Road. I triedto call DP & L but it's automated and...

DISPATCHER: Allright, I'm sorry, justone moment. Okay, we'll be in the area.. do you see where it's coming from?

CALLER 5: Well, if I look out my kitchenwindow, looking up towards the school...

DISPATCHER: Is that your back or front,ma'am? Your kitchen window...

CALLER 5: Um, my kitchen window is facinggoing up towards the school... so it would be...

DISPATCHER: I'm sorry... what school?

CALLER 5: Stingley...and ah, it looks...the sky just lit up pink...

DISPATCHER: Towards Stingley?

CALLER 5: Yes,

DISPATCHER: Allright, okay. Thank you.

CALLER 5: Thank you.

(Segment in which 'Caller 3' is on hold,beeping tone in background. Caller 3 states: "OH MY GOD!" and also states:This is freaking me OUT! It gets real bright and explodes, then it startsagain.)


CALLER 3: Yeah.

DISPATCHER: I'm sorry, I've had about10 calls since then.

CALLER 3: What did they say?

DISPATCHER: Everybody is saying thesame thing. I... the last person is on Brad Street and she is saying itis more towards Stingley...

CALLER 3: I saw it! We both, my wifeand I both saw it and it was right outside our window!

DISPATCHER: Right, okay. And your addressagain sir?

CALLER 3: 166 Lakeview.

DISPATCHER: Okay, allright... that'sallright. I've gotten about ten calls here.

CALLER 3: Are they saying its the samething that I'm saying it is?


CALLER 3: It looked like a freakin'alien ship.


CALLER 3: And it blew up, and it waslike a bomb going off.

DISPATCHER: Okay, was it pink?

CALLER 3: It was lights...

DISPATCHER: A lady said it was pink.

CALLER 3: No, it was going to the powerlines... but it was...  it hovered in... it came... I...I sound likeI'm insane right now, I can't believe I'm saying this! It hovered downover the school and it was spinning lights and flashing,

DISPATCHER: ...okay...

CALLER 3: came down all the waylike over the school and towards my house,

DISPATCHER: ...okay...

CALLER 3: ...and then it would justgo 'boom' and the whole all the electricity would go off and this giantflame ball in the sky.

DISPATCHER: Okay, I need to get goingand let the officers know, okay?

CALLER 3: Okay.

DISPATCHER: Okay, thank you, bye bye.



Transcript of police tape by Kenny Young,March 24 2004. The tape seems to have been laid in from multi=tracks andthe sequence for this transcript has been 're-arranged' from the policetape to reflect "real time" events. On the police tape, Callers 4 and 5came after Caller 3, when in real time, they were 'during' the time frameCaller 3 was 'on hold.'

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