I would like to briefly comment on theDayton Daily News articleconcerning the Centerville UFO Incident. In addition to some basic factualerrors (date of event was actually March 6, not March 8 as report indicated)and spelling issues (Kenny Young, not Kerry Young and Bruce Forrester,not Forester), I think it is important to stress that I am not 'claiminga cover-up' by city officials, as the article indicates. What I have stressedis the lack of interest in precautionary safety measures after the episode.

The primary witness, quoted in the article,strongly feels there was a structured aircraft of unknown origin near hishome and that object hovering over Stingley elementary school. That otherswere not observant of this object during this period of regional powerdisruptions and aerial 'flashing' does not necessarily discount his testimony.It is no skin off of my nose if this witness is totally wrong and thiscase is a massive misperception caused by tree limbs and arcing power lines,the fact is this: concerns have been expressed regarding an unknown andunconventional aircraft over a
school and residential neighborhoodand the primary claimant alleges illness in the days after the episode.City officials responsible for public safety have disregarded his concern.

In my contact with city officials duringpreparation for my report, I have personally inquired if city officialswould be interested in undertaking basic radiation readings (many firestations have this gear and it is not usually a major inconvenience) andthey would not, discounting the sighting claim and opting not to take concern.That is their decision and it is based upon their experience and education.I do not claim cover-up, only pointing out the decision by safety coordinatorsto not take radiation readings in light of the reported claim by the LakeviewDrive resident and his wife.

Most interesting is that the DaytonDaily News article did not mention my interest in speaking with the emergencyresponders to the March 6th incident (the Lakeview Drive witness claimsthe responders also saw the UFO and that the firemen had complained thegauges on their fire truck "went funny"), and my attempt to chat with theseresponders was shut down by reference to court action from Fire Chief KennethParks.

My report on this incident is availableat and I stand behind that report.

Thanks for your interest.

Kenny Young
Cincinnati UFO Hotline - 513-588-4548

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