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Tonight I spoke with a resident of FlemingCounty, KY who claims to have seen unusual UFO activity in his area inthe past week. After searching the internet for a UFO reporting service,he first contacted me by E-mail yesterday, and follow up telephone contactwas made with the witness this evening.

The Fleming County witness, 18-yearsold, resides near Hillsboro, Kentucky. He claims that he first observeda UFO to the west of Hillsboro, KY (between Morehead and Flemingsburg)last Thursday, February 19, 2004. He first became aware of the UFO in thearea some 30-minutes after explosions were heard in his region. He described
the explosions as "yellow colored flashesand booming sounds" heard around dusk. The explosions were very differentfrom fireworks and, he said, was not thunder nor a sonic boom (as per thevisual flashing). He said the explosive noises were repetitive for about20 minutes with an estimated 5 booms per minute.

An hour after hearing the explosions,the witness said he went back outside and saw a bright white light in thesky, but didn't pay any attention to it. A half hour later, he again wentback outside and the light was no longer visible, but looking in the directionof the hill where the explosions emanated he saw an orangish-red lightabout the size of a dime at arms length. He said this light hovered insame spot for 30-minutes. He watched it on and off for the 30 minute duration,and during this time frame the color of the object changed from white toorange. When it disappeared, the brightness of the object intensified beforeit became "dimmer and dimmer" and was gone.

The witness said that again this weekon Monday, February 23, 2004, he saw something oddly similar near the samespot. The witness assured this object was nothing like a plane or star,resembling a bright light larger than a star with no discernible shape.He also said the airplanes visible at the time seemed to be interactingwith this object. One particular plane, he said, seemed to be going inthe direction of the object, as if to check it out. One plane seemed tocircle the object.

Hillsboro, KY is around 20-miles southof Flemingsburg and a few miles north of Morehead, KY, where a strikinglysimilar report was recently filed to the WUFOD database. The January 22report claims that a wobbling, pulsing UFO was seen around 7:45 p.m. nearFlemingsburgh and jet airplanes also circled this object. Further, anotherunusual incident happened on November 21, 2004 near Morehead, KY (neighboringRowan County). That event involved a police search for a screaming womanin an area where a UFO was seen moments earlier.

February 27. 2004
Kenny Young
UFO Research
UFO Hotline = 859-801-6767

There is an important update to the earlier reportof a UFO sighting near Hillsboro, KY (Fleming County).

This morning around 9:45 am investigator Mrs. DonnieBlessing called the Cincinnati Observatory to ask if meteor activity wasreported around dusk on February 19th. The person taking her call lookedup some records and said that no meteor activity was prominent on the datein question.  After reading the report to the gentleman in chargehe speculated that the bright white light may have been Venus. Blessingalso asked if a meteor entering the atmosphere at high speed causes a sonicboom and he said no (this, however, has been documented otherwise).

Blessing then called the Flemingsburg, KentuckyPolice Dept at 606-845-2321. and spoke with a dispatcher named Sharon.Blessing asked if the dispatch office had received any calls  complainingof loud booms and yellow flashes of light in the skies on February 19tharound dusk. The dispatcher said that they had, indeed, received 3 or 4calls asking what was going on, and the dispatcher added that natural gaslines were being cleaned on the day in question.  A silver ball-likeinstrument is used to flush out the pipes to make them clean. Sometimesif there would be thin or weak spot is in the pipes, it will rupture whenthe ball passes thru. This caused gas to explode out causing booms andflashes of light.

The dispatcher went on to inform that a few yearsago they had a big problem when a pipeline spilt while being cleaned andcaused a major explosion and fire. The location of the line would determinehow far up the flashes would go.  If up a hill, the flashes wouldbe seen higher up in the sky.

Mrs. Blessing also asked if any UFO sightings hadbeen reported around the same time and also on Feb 23rd and the dispatchersaid no.

So the Blessing inquiry authenticates, in part,the actuality of the claim. Further, thanks to her investigation, we arefurnished with an explanation for the explosive incident that was honestlyreported.

The question of a UFO sighting during this episoderemains open, and the prospect of 'witness misidentification' of Venusfor a UFO is a rational possibility. It is curious that details of theFebruary 23rd sighting closely resembles the separate claim of an incidentreported in that same area on January 22.

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