Subject: UFO Sighting
Date sighted - June 19, 1997 and later
Time - 11:00 p.m. to 1:00 a.m. andthen again after 4:00 a.m. 
Location - Foster, Kentucky (BrackenCounty) 

David Wecker, a regular columnist forThe Cincinnati Post newspaper, received a letter through the mail froma resident of Foster, Kentucky, who wrote him to report a UFO which wasseen 'almost every night.'  Wecker furnished contact information forthe claimant and I called to  interview her by telephone.  Thiswoman was alert and very interested in discussing the 'object' that shehad been viewing from her residence in Foster, Kentucky.

80-year old Mrs. Baker (name changed)said that the first sighting took place on June 19th.  She said thatshe has seen this object several times over the past few weeks.

Mrs. Baker said that the UFO is sometimes seen between 11 p.m. and 1 a.m.,and also between 4 or 4:30 a.m. She does not have photographic or videorecording equipment. 

She said several others in the areahave seen this unusual object, but not sure if they have video. When askedhow she knew this, she said that it was mentioned at church one morning,and others said 'they've heard about it.' 

Her description is as follows: The objectis a big, bright light that hovers in one spot, and sometimes 'darts around.'There is no noise. The object is not really close to her vantage point,and she characterizes its proximity to her viewing location as 'being juston the other side of the hill.' It has been seen in an area behind herhouse. She said that the object would 'first look like a plane if you justlooked at it,' but that it would sometimes hover in the same spot for morethan 1-hour. 

The object is seen in the east/south-east,and moves toward the south. The witness said that she can recognize stars,and added 'stars don't move and dart around.' 

The location of Foster, Kentucky isbetween Route 8 and Route 9 (AA Highway), 35-miles East of Cincinnati,halfway between Alexandria and Maysville, Kentucky. 


Two phone calls were placed to The BRACKENCOUNTY SHERIFF'S DEPARTMENT 1-606-735-3233 concerning this investigation.The first phone receptionist had not heard of any UFO reports or stories.He suggested I call the Chief Dispatcher Marie England at 1-606-735-2700.England was very cooperative and said that there were no reports that shewas aware of, and briefly expressed interest in the sighting, asking thelocation where reported. She verbally checked with another officer, alsoin the same room, and that person had no knowledge of anything reportedeither. She said that she reviews logs everyday, and any such reports wouldbe known either by log or word of mouth. 


On the basis of the initial report,my first reaction is 'VENUS' or 'SATURN.' To review UFO sightings objectively,it is necessary to keep open the possibility of eyewitness misperception.Unless other witnesses come forward or specific video or photographic materialis offered, there is no way to evaluate the singular claim of the witnessand the account cannot be held as certain.

October 2, 1997 

Kenny Young

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