LOCATION: Franklin, OH (Butler County)
DATE: Wednesday Evening, September 24, 2003 - 10:30 p.m.


Sandy, a resident of Franklin, Ohio (Butler County) contacted WrightPatterson Air Force Base in Dayton, Ohio on late Wednesday evening, September24 after 10:30 p.m. to report an unusual situation seen in the sky nearher home.

Sandy (name and phone number on file) is a married medical assistantwith three children and states that while driving home from the Solid Rockchurch with her son and daughter on Wednesday evening, she was approachingher residence in the Heartland Subdivision when she spotted a strange patternof green flashing lights low in the sky, just above the trees.

"These lights were absolutely huge," she said, "and were a pure,bright green color."

The witness said that the lights were first visible to the northeastas she entered the subdivision. Upon observing the lights, she drove inpursuit of them at the urging of her son. She drove around the area forabout 1-mile and did observe the situation for an estimated 2 to 3-minuteduration of time.

The big green lights, she said, numbered from two or more and wouldcomprise patterns ranging from a big circle to a rectangle. The left andright lights would, according to the witness, 'move to the center' andthen back again, and was comparable in size to a full moon from her perspective.She was uncertain if each light was an individual object or if the lightswere part of a larger single object, flashing in sequence.

"There was a pattern to the way the lights would flash," the witnessreports, "they would move in uniform formation at the same time and stayat an equal distance to one another."

Sandy said the lights, which appeared over an area near Springboro,Ohio on Route 741, moved from south to north and eventually vanished overthe treetops.

"When we got home, my kids urged me to call Wright Patterson AirForce Base," she said. "So I called them, thinking it would be better thancalling the Springboro police. They just referred me to you."

Sandy informs that her husband is skeptical of her sighting, sayingthat the lights were probably advertising skylights.

"I don't think these were any sort of skylights," she said. "Thelights were brilliant green, not fuzzy, and there were no beams."

Sandy said that the sky conditions at the time of the sighting werepartly cloudy.


One cannot rule out that advertising searchlights may account forthis sighting report, but it is also interesting to note that there hasbeen a significant rise in UFO sighting reports from the southern Ohiovicinity in late August and September of 2003. A spate of UFO sightingsfrom Proctorville and Rome Township, Ohio have been attributed to advertisingsearchlights by local news media searching for answers, but not withoutdebate from eyewitnesses.

This Franklin, Ohio location is an estimated 27.5 miles southwestof Wright Patterson Air Force Base in Dayton, Ohio (Montgomery County).


September 29, 2003
UFO Research