LOCATION: Lancaster, OH (FairfieldCounty)
DATE: Saturday, August 28, 2004 - 7:30P.M.


By E-mail advisement, a 34-year oldresident of Lancaster, Ohio has reported a UFO sighting by 3-witnesses.The claimant, a 36-year old friend and his 17-year old son observed theobject before a thunderstorm hit the area around 7:30 p.m. on Saturday,August 28, 2004, they observed an unusual object in the skies directlyover the city of Lancaster, Ohio.

"This may sound nuts," the witness wrote,"but right before the storm hit at around 7:30 P.M, I saw something rightover the city of Lancaster, no lights at all.

"It looked like a "V" but it did notmove up or down, but it did drift from North-East to South-East, AGAINSTthe wind, before coming to a stop, seeming to stay in place.  It wasa VERY dark shape.

"At first I thought it was a parachute,but who in their right mind would jump with a  thunder storm in their face? This object made NO sound at all, and I watched it for about7 to 8 minutes."

The 34-year old individual reportingthe sighting is married with a 14-year old son and worked as an electricalcontractor for 10-years included his full name (which is not divulged inthis report, contact info on-file - KY), and also added that the object:"looked at times like it would invert, looking like a rectangle duringthe rotation, and then look like an upside down "V".

Through 3 question and answer E-mailsessions with the witness, he said that he was standing on West 5th Avenueand looking east, directly over Lancaster when watching the unusual object.He lost sight of it when the clouds 'overtook it' and openly inquired ifthis object were  a balloon, how it did not move with the wind? Theclaimant also felt that if this object were somehow tethered, it must havebeen situated at Anchor Hocking Glass Factory on about a 1,000 feet ofrope.

The witness was so impressed by thesighting that around 9:30 or 10:00 p.m. of Saturday, August 28, he contactedtwo law enforcement agencies; The Lancaster City Police and The FairfieldCounty Sheriff's Office. Neither agency could supply additional informationand had received no reports. The witness also took the step of contactingthe Fairfield County Airport in Lancaster, Ohio by E-mail, inquiring ifthey might have information for him about tethered balloons over this location.He has not yet received a reply from the airport.

"I was thinking about the best way todescribe this, when it hit me," he said. "If  you have a flip opencell phone, open it up until it forms a 'V' when  looking at it fromthe side. Now rotate it , so that the face of it is  facing you, andimagine you cant see the depth of the 'V', just the  outline. Thereis the rectangle. Now rotate it all the way down until it  looks likean upside down 'V.'


Separately, a series of UFO sightingreports emerged from Lucasville, Ohio (Scioto County) on August 17 and24th involving the sighting of an unusual triangular shaped object seenin the vicinity of The Ohio Correctional Institute. Thus far there areno additional reports to supplement the Lancaster sighting.

August 30, 2004
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