Subject: UFO Sighting
Date: September 26, 1997: 11:30 p.m. 
Location: Lancaster, OH (FairfieldCounty) 


From approximately 11:30 p.m. to 12:30a.m., Truly Summers (real name is being withheld from this report for confidentialityconcerns) observed a "diamond-shaped" object off to the east of her locationin Lancaster, OH. The object emitted a bright light that alternated colorsof red, green, and yellow. Truly first described the object as a "ferriswheel", and then as a "ball of light." When asked about the "ferris wheel"description, she said it was not with respect to shape; but, rather theway in which the object changed colors. 

Two other people at Truly's residencealso observed the object. She was so concerned that she phoned other familymembers in the Lancaster area to see if they had seen the object. The familymembers then went to look for the object, and also spotted it to the east.Truly also called the Fairfield County Sheriff's Office to report her sighting.They offered her a phone number to call to report her sighting. 


A phone call was placed to THE FAIRFIELDCOUNTY SHERIFF's OFFICE at 614-653-5223. The dispatcher, Dept. Dunkin,said after checking his computerized logs that there was no entry regardinga UFO report from the previous evening (9/26) between 11:30 p.m. and 12:30a.m. 

Dunkin said that "all calls coming into the dispatch center may not necessarily be logged in the computer." 

He said another way to verify the receiptof the call to the Sheriff's office would be to acquire an audio copy ofthe dispatch tapes, which he said would require a 'COURT ORDER.' (Note: this comment is dubious as all police dispatch recordings are 'publicrecord' - ky)


The Lancaster area is near Breman, Ohio,a location of interest due to a UFO sighting investigated by the MORA (Mid-OhioResearch Associates) organization in 1994. Breman, Ohio is about 10.5 mileseast of Lancaster. 

Also, according to London, Ohio UFOresearcher Jim Donohoe, Lancaster, Ohio is an area of UFO and other unusualactivity. Earlier in the year, (April or May) a 3-inch column in a Lancaster,Ohio newspaper dealt with missing animals and numerous animal mutilationsnear Lancaster and Zanesville. Donohoe retained the news article and alsosaid that in early spring, UFO sightings were reported around Lancaster.He spoke with a female resident of Lancaster (not related to present subject)who advised Donohoe of a sighting in this location last May.  Donohoealso said that in early spring, cattle near Mt. Sterling were having theirhoofs 'fall off.' A veterinarian treated the animals and found no reasonfor it. Donahoe said there had also been UFO sightings in the Mt. Sterlingarea. 

September 27, 1997 

Kenny Young

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