Subject: UFO sighting
Location: Lebanon, OH (Turtle CreekTownship), Warren County
Date: June 21, 2004 - 3:09 AM


A husband and wife couple who live 2-milessouthwest of Lebanon, OH notified of a UFO sighting on June 21st throughE-mail to the online UFO report notification of the Cincinnati UFO Researchwebsite.

Mrs. XXX (not listed by request, nameand contact info on-file) a middle-aged woman who lives between Mason andLebanon informed me during a June 22 telephone conversation that around3:09 AM on June 21st she was watching TV and relaxing in her Lazy Boy recliner(the chair is 12 feet away from the window), awake at this hour becauseher allergies were bothering her. She said that she raised up in the reclinerto see what time it was, and used a small flashlight that she shined onthe clock to check the time. Just as she was leaning back she caught abright light out of the corner of her eye. She watched as the intense brightlight traveled from the corner of her window pane across the window anddisappeared from the far edge of the window (she informed that this 1stfloor window, which faces due west, is actually two windows side by side).

The witness described the light, seento the northwest in her line of her sight, as very bright and a dense whitein color. When she and her husband later tried to determine the size ofthe object, she said it was as big as a fifty-cent piece held at arm'slength. The light was seen beyond the trees nearest to her. The sky viewin her entire neighborhood is obstructed with trees. She stated that beyondthe trees the ground dips down so she could not be sure if the light wasabove tree top level but from where she sat it was below. It moved 'fast'but not 'super fast' and was not in view very long. 

The object moved rapidly from Southto the North. She wanted to stress that this was not car lights, airplaneor helicopter lights. She said that she knew what those looked like. Thislight moved in a straight line and made no noise.

From her estimate, this object seemedto be localized over the Lebanon Correctional Institute. I asked how farshe is from Lebanon Prison and she said about 5 miles straight as the crowflies.  She has heard about sightings near the prison before. Shewas thanked for her time and I left my number asking for her to call meif anyone else reported a sighting.

The husband, also interviewed separatelyon June 29 by Kenny Young, was puzzled by the sighting and could not besure if the object was a meteor or not. He discussed this possibility withhis wife and she speculated that whatever this object was, it had beenseen in the general direction of the LeCI facility. He was curious to learnif anyone else reported a sighting. The husband had called 2-years agowith a sighting that was reported by his daughter, who had also seen anunusual light that wobbled or zig-zagged through the night sky in thissame general area.


I called the Warren County Sheriffsdept. asking if any unusual lights or objects had been reported near thedate and time in question and they said there were no reports. I also calledthe Butler County Sheriff's Dept. where the answer was also negative.


On April 8, 1993, a very dramatic UFOsighting took place above the Lebanon and Warren Correctional Institutesnear Route 747. This UFO was seen by law officers and tower guards at theprison.

Filed June 29, 2004

Donnie Blessing
State Section Director
Southern Ohio MUFON

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