Subject: UFO Sighting
Date/time: Saturday,July 10, 2004 - Dusk
Location: Rt. 550 - Leburn,Kentucky (Knott County)


On July 11, 2004 at 5:06 p.m., a KnottCounty, Kentucky resident called the Cincinnati UFO Hotline (513-588-4548)to report a UFO sighting by 3 witnesses from the previous evening, Saturday,July 10th. His name and phone number are on file, deleted from this reportfor privacy purposes. He wanted to report the sighting and had asked hisson go online to lookup a UFO reporting number.

The witness, 57 years old, is now retiredbut formerly worked with the EPA for 25-years. He said that he was standingoutside shortly after dusk and, as darkness set in, stood talking withhis wife and a friend on property along Route 550 near Leburn, Kentucky(Knott County). He said that besides himself, there were two other witnessesto the sighting; his wife (49-years old) who stood to his left, and hisfriend who works for The State of Kentucky as a Mining Inspector (also49-years old). He said that the other two witnesses were impressed by thesighting as well.

"We were just standing outside talking,"he said, "when all of the sudden there was some kind of flash. This thingcaught my eye, and it looked just like a star blew in half."

The witness said that from his vantagepoint on property along Route 550 near Leburn, he was standing next tohis wife and facing in the direction looking to the northeast. His friendhad his back turned but also quickly looked to see the object(s). The witnesssaid that he couldn't determine height or angle with exacting specifics,but thought it was situated in the sky at an estimated 70 degree to thenortheast and the object itself was fairly high, like a star.

"Something caught my eye, like an implosion,"he said, "and I looked up and there was a flash. I would say the last ofthe flash part that caught my attention.

"I happened to look up and saw thisthing that looked like a star that got real bright and spilt in two, onewent one direction and one went the other direction. The one that wentto the left kind of faded away in about 2 or 3 minutes after travelingstraight across. The one that went to the right continued on in a sort-of-southerlydirection, even somewhat southeast, and after a few minutes it suddenlymade a 90-degree turn and came towards us. It started to come my directionwhere I was observing it from.

"It looked like a just like a star,as best as I could describe it, then after a couple of minutes it fadedout, too."

The witness also said the two objects,traveling in opposite directions, looked identical, resembling two starsin a straight line.

"The right-hand object went toward theeast for several minutes and then it appeared as if it changed directionby about a 90-degree turn and it came toward us for 2 or 3-minutes andthen it faded out."

The witness informs that the largestcommunity near his location would be Prestonsberg, Kentucky, about 35-milesaway. Hazard, Kentucky is about 25-miles distant. He was unsure of anyadditional witness, asking if I knew if anything had been reported.


This appears to be an unusual sightingand the witness adds that he is "not a UFO person" and was curious if therewere other reports. He remarked that the objects appeared star-like inappearance but could not account for the apparent flight performance.

I inquired if the witness knew of anymilitary air zones near this location where aerial flare-training couldbe taking place, and he knew of no Military Operation Areas nearby. Hesaid that he was in the military for years and had the ability to recognizeflares, stressing that the right-hand object 'undertook a certain maneuver'during the event. This reported maneuver seems to complicate any payloador satellite re-entry, meteor/debris or flare explanation.

July 11, 2004
Kenny Young
UFO Research
UFO Hotline: 859-801-6767

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