LOCATION: Lucasville, OH (Scioto County)
DATE: August 17 and 24, 2004 ? 9:00p.m. time frame


On August 24, 2004 I spoke at lengthwith a female subject from the Lucasville, Ohio vicinity. This personsname will not be divulged in this report. She contacted the CincinnatiUFO Hotline (513-588-4548) to report recent UFO sightings that have takenplace over a period of several days near her area. She said that she hasvideo of a UFO from August 17 and also from the last night and earlierthis morning. She candidly admits that the video is of poor quality, ofhand-held operation and only showing a 'light' in the center of a darkscreen.

We spoke for over 1-hour and discussedher concerns of UFO activity near her home (Crosspoint of Blue Run andMorris Lane) on August 17, August 19 and earlier this evening (August 24th).She said that her road runs perpendicular to Route 23 and that her homeis situated 6-miles from the Ohio Correctional Institute Prison Facilityat Lucasville. The subject said that in addition to herself, there are4-witnesses to a huge, spherical object in the eastern sky during severalepisodes of unusual UFO activity taking place over the past few nightsand earlier this evening. She also complained of a headache and stomachachefor 3-days after the first sighting of August 17.


Lisa XXXXX (name deleted for privacy)said that she was stationed at Brooks AFB (San Antonio, TX facility whichmerged with Lackland AFB) for 5-year as a secretary. She is currently disabled(with a birth defect on her left leg) and taking care of a family of 3children ages 12 to 9. Her youngest son has bipolar disorder.

Her roommate, Sheila XXXXX (also deletedfor privacy, on-file) also has a 12-year old daughter and her visitingfriend Della XXXXX (also deleted for privacy, on-file) is also a witnessto the UFO activity.


The episode of UFO sightings began onMonday, August 17th at about 9:30 p.m. when the witness and her friendsDella (who moved in from Athens) and Sheila, all over 30-years old, hadbeen present for a social visit. The three were also concerned about localthieves who had recently been stealing yard property.

While on periodic lookout (sitting onher living room couch inside 2-mobile homes put together to form one home),and looking directly south out her living room window, Lisa noticed whatappeared to be bright headlights on a white mailbox post. They continuedto watch the mailbox post as it was illuminated for about 30-minutes, takingnote that the angle of the lights seemed to originate from the east andan upper direction, before finally asking her roommate to ask
where the reflection of light was comingfrom. They then went to the west end of the kitchen to look out the windowand saw reflective dot-like spots on the tail end of her mini-van parkedoutside.  The reflectivity was seen on the glass as well as the caritself, and the roof of her van lit up an almost 'bluish' color. The witnessadvised that the entire road in front of the house was also illuminatedby a 'blue haze. 'The blue color was also reflecting off a propane tankand Lisa, Sheila and Della decided to step outside to investigate the sourceof the light reflections on the various yard items.

When outside, they cautiously lookedaround and - according to Lisa - did not think to look toward the sky.They took it for granted that the source of the light was somehow originatingfrom a car on a road. At this point, according to Lisa, they noticed asubtle light change that seemed to become orange-like. The witness lookedtoward the direction of her mother's security light situated nearby (therewas some kind of huge surge of power through the security light, causingit to glow 4-times brighter than usual and out of focus), trying to findthe source of illumination on the tank, and at that point saw pulsing lightsin the eastern sky. Lisa said this was somewhat of a shock to her. Thebluish-white lights would pulse darker and lighter, the witness said itwas like a 'heartbeat' and you could depend on the next pulse, not at alllike a blink. This was one solid, physical object in the sky, out furtherthan the security light and past the woods, over a tree line and no morethan 10-miles distant.

Lisa said this object was visible forhours and the witness observed it taking different positions across thesky, zipping from place to place. It was comprised of several lights andcould be seen to rotate, having a white fog about it and at times wouldbe comprised of 3 or 4-lights, but having no sound.

Although the object would move fromposition to position and return again, they primarily looked at the objectwhen it was in position toward the eastern sky as if it was localized towardJackson, Ohio (going east on 139).

The witnesses decided to maintain theirposition and watch this activity for several hours into the early morningtime frame. As they listened to a loud chorus of dogs barking from alldifferent areas around her, they also debated what the object was and madean attempt to capture the object on videotape and watched as beams of lightwere 'thrown' or reflected through the air.

Closer to 4:30 a.m., one aircraft comprisedof a triangular-shaped light configuration came into view after the witnessesheard a distinct jet-like low, dull roar or rumble. This triangular object,having dozens of pulsating multi-colored lights all around its surface,approached from the west and flew straight overhead at a lower elevationthan the first white object, then would change direction and travel southeast.The duration of this sighting was around 60-seconds and then the objectwould return along the same path, making a direction change at the sameestimated position and return to the
west, but looking behind its path andwatching its departure, the witness saw many bright glowing star-like objectsthat pulsed white.

Lisa explained that she was concernedabout what might be going on in the Lucasville area and had asked if othershad reported sightings. She had heard of local UFO reports before but saidthat this distinct episode began during the week of the 19th.

On the 19th, Lisa said that she watcheda huge, luminescent white cylindrical shape also during late night hours.She attempted to videotape the light source, but on camera its focus isoff and the camera was not fastened to a tripod. Lisa said the object lookedlike a 'hotdog,' and acknowledges being an amateur videographer.


During a bizarre sighting that tookplace several hours before our telephone discussion, Lisa expressed concernabout something that may have landed across the road from her residenceearlier and went on to express her perception of a humanoid figure seenin the darkness of her backyard within a few hours of the object 'landing'in the field.

Around 9:30 p.m. (Tuesday, August 24th),Lisa and her friend Sheila felt there was a creature near their home.

"Jesse's bedroom points toward thatfield to the east where we've seen all this activity behind moms," shesaid.

"Shortly after this small light camedown in the field across the road, some distance away, we all sat aroundand were on the lookout for what would happen next. Just a little whileafter this I heard a rustle and saw a bush move to the left, and that wholearea to my left is nothing but woods, brush and hills. I don't know whatit was, but I was tuned in to what was going to happen next and I saw thebrush move and I saw eyes or something reflecting light. The security lightis between Jesse's window and that bush, and Jess described (roommatesdaughter, 13-yrs. Old), the same thing.

Lisa said the experience has been veryfrustrating and cannot say for certain that the figure spotted was a woodlandanimal or otherwise related to the UFO sighting. She said that to passthe time, she has been working with the children to craft aluminum foilhats to make light of the situation, and they have been sitting aroundthe house wearing aluminum foil on her head. Despite the effort to findhumor in the situation, Lisa said they are seriously alarmed.

I asked if I could talk with Sheilaconcerning the suspected landing of a UFO and the sighting of this 'figure'outside.

Sheila then came to the phone and introducedherself to me, explaining: "Okay, there were these lights that came downto ground level, I would say they were lined up almost looks like on aboard, but there are 4 lights together and when they flash they go alternatelytop right to bottom left, then reverse. Then before you know it, two brightflashes of light go flying into the field and into the forest there tothe left, which would be into our woods, opposite to where this thing wouldbe behind the tree line."

Sheila said that after this "board oflights" would flicker and flash, it seemed to descend into the field whereit was no longer visible. She said that she maintained an alert observation,looking out for what was to follow and that some time had passed beforethe suspected 'creature' was sighted (perhaps 15 to 20-minutes).

Sheila said that this 'creature' wasengaged in a rapid scurrying or running through the field across the roadand into the immediate yard in front of the house. She could not discernwith certainty whether it was 2 or 4-legged (walking upright) due to darkness,but felt it was walking upright and also felt herself to be keenly awarethat there was a physical presence outside as she watched through the window.

She spoke of the creature in the 'pasttense' method, stressing that she could not presently see it while talkingwith me by telephone.

"It looked as if I could see eyes inthe bushes," Sheila said. "It looked like a large white head. I could notsee a body, it sort of blended into the bush, but the eyes are reflectingthe security light, like an animal looking at you in the woods, but I donot know if this was an animal."

Sheila also repeated that her friendLisa saw something land in the field and also claimed to have seen somethingrunning in the darkness.

"Whatever this was, it was running sofast, that it somehow blended with the environment," Sheila said.

Sheila estimated the distance of between20 to 25-feet from the window to the bush where the suspected "eyes" werefixed at one point.

Lisa returned to the phone and I triedto ask follow up questions, but the two were talking excitedly and sayingso much that taking notes became difficult at this point. Both Lisa andSheila felt that the creature was outside the residence while we spoke.

Lisa said that she did not feel threatened,and I asked if they had a flashlight or something to illuminate the area.Sheila gathered her courage as we spoke and I  waited on the phoneas she walked outside to investigate the immediate area near the houseand nearby bushes. She was away from the phone for about 3-minutes beforereturning to inform that she could not see anything in the bushes and perhaps"it" was gone (I talked with Lisa on the phone while Sheila had investigated).

I will note for the record that neitherLisa nor Sheila seemed to reference the 'creature' as an alien, but clearlyexpressed their concern that this object was somehow related to the sightingof a UFO.  They did not say the word 'alien' and when discussing thecreature, they used careful language and several times each one closedtheir sentence or statement with an upturned 'question mark' accent totheir expression.

Lisa went on to explain that she hadcalled The Scioto County Sheriff's Office to report the first UFO sightingfrom the other morning. Lisa said that the receptionist at police headquarterstook her name, address and phone number and said that someone would callback, but Lisa said nobody has called and she doesn't think her call tothe police department was taken very seriously.

When asked of any other unusual activitytaking place locally, Lisa said that on August 18,  there was a verystrange thunderstorm with continual, rolling thunder and ferocious, strobinglightning that hit her area. This storm was reported by a reporter whowrites with the Shawnee Sentinel and at one point, the thunder soundedlike a 'thud' that hit the top part of the living room, making a soundsimilar to that of skittering or small feet.

After our lengthy discussion, I toldLisa of my interest in UFOs sighted in the Lucasville area and my interest
in the prison facility there. Lisaspeculated that prison guards at the Ohio Correctional Institute should
have been able to see the UFOs thatshe observed. I explained my interest in following up with Lisa and
Sheila and having a look at her videotapeand better understanding the nature of the sighting activity. I
also asked that they keep me postedif any more UFOs are sighted, or if they feel there is something unusualtaking place outside. I gave her my telephone number and advised them toundertake extreme caution and to keep
the telephone number to the policedepartment close at hand, and asked that if they should call the police
again to also call me. Lisa explainedthat she was exhausted and frustrated from this experience.


The witness did not offer any indicationof an interest or proclivity toward things paranormal or faith-based. Shedid explain of her military career and was most helpful with details ofher busy family and personal life. The telephone conversation was lengthyand I explained my occasional inability to take notes as complete and thoroughas I would have liked as she had a lot to report and would often explainmultiple things and sightings at once. She did stop and help me take notesat times, some sentences pertaining to a description of the UFO I wouldstop and read to her, asking that she correct me on certain notes.

After the discussion, I was of the impressionthat the witness was basically honest and frustrated with the exhaustingcircumstances; perhaps believing that UFOs were active in some clandestineor secretive way in the darkness near her residence. Her frustration mighthave been compounded by her not having an answer to account for the sightings.

As for the sighting of the object seenfor a lengthy duration on August 17 that she videotaped, this may fit thedescription of a routine star or planet when taken into account misperceptionpotential. However, the traits such as 'pulsing' and the object changingposition or 'roaming' from place to place over a duration do not fit thatexplanation.

The perception of a 'creature' is somethingI cannot account for, only by speculation that a woodland forest creaturesuch as a deer or even a bear may have been in the vicinity and some situationalcross-interpretation developed in which Lisa and Sheila might have interpretedthe slight observation or indistinct sighting of this creature into theUFO situation that had already been underway. The indistinct creature,elusively running, was seen in darkness and no discernible form could beobserved, and nothing immediately suggests this was any intelligence orrelated with the sighting of an object thought to have landed moments earlier.


Cincinnati researcher Donnie Blessingmade inquiries with the Scioto County Sheriff's office and was able todetermine that the drug surveillance helicopter used in the county wasoperational in the vicinity during the time frame in question, but notactive only during daylight hours - not at night. This rules out the helicopteras one possible explanation.

AUGUST 25, 2004
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