Date: Saturday, January 13, 2002 - 9:36 p.m.
Location: Monroe, Ohio (Warren County)

In response to a case referral by Bill Jones of Ohio M.U.F.O.N.,
Mike and Jean (names deleted/changed for privacy, retained
"on file"), of Monroe, Ohio were contacted by telephone at their
number (513-XXX-XXXX). Evidently, Mike had filed an on-line
UFO sighting report on the W.U.F.O.D. database concerning a
mysterious object seen by several people near his home on
Saturday, January 13.

Jean, who works for the local school system, had answered the
phone first. She confirmed being a witness to the event and added
that she had repeatedly called Channel 12 news concerning a
'bright orange streak' that held stationary in the sky directly
overhead. This object was defined as having a bright
'neon-colored' luminescence that repeatedly brightened and

She said that her family first became aware of the event when her
husband, Todd XXXXX, was taking the dogs out. She added that
her husband routinely looks into the sky and enjoys looking at
the stars because he formerly worked for NASA. Upon observing the
object, he summoned their attention to it.

Jean's son Mike, who filed the W.U.F.O.D. report, came to the
phone and said that in all, there were 6-witnesses to the event
that he is aware of.

From their residence at XXX XXXXXX Lane, Mike and 5-others
stood out in their driveway and watched the streak-like object
hold stationary for a lengthy duration. He speculated that the
object was holding its position at a very high elevation and was
twice the size of his thumbnail held at arm's length. Our
conversation focused for several minutes on its size and Mike
reaffirmed that it was an estimated 2-inches at arm's length.

He described this object as resembling a 'comet streak' but with
no distinct head or tail, being brighter in the middle part of
it. This brightness in the center of the streak was described as
a dull blue color, with each edge fading into the neon orange
color with a soft gradiation.

Mike also reaffirmed that the object was almost directly
overhead and described the atmospheric conditions as relatively
clear with high whispy clouds. He said that occasionally the
object would be obstructed by cloud cover, but its glow could be
seen behind the clouds. He also said that there would be breaks
in the clouds were the object could be seen clearly.

Mike said that he did not have any film for his camera and has
no video capability, but did observe the object through
binoculars. Looking at it through binoculars, he said that he
could see a second, fainter object to the north of the main
object. This smaller object was a faint blue color.

He said that they watched the news for the next several nights,
expecting to hear something. He decided to file the W.U.F.O.D.
report from his online computer at his place of employment.


I find Mike and Jean to be stable and reliable eyewitnesses.
While I accept that some observational detail may be flawed by
misperception or communication difficulties, I have no problem
accepting the possibility that they may have observed something
unusual. This is a strange description for a UFO but not
unprecedented, especially for Ohio (numerous claims of 'comet
shaped' UFOs on file).

I asked Mike about the position of the moon and he didn't recall
there being a visible moon at the time. Further exploration of
the moon's position will be necessary in consideration of this

There have been several sightings of UFOs in this area in the
past year. In August, one person reported a UFO near Springboro,
Ohio and in April of 2001 several police officers observed a UFO
near Waynesville, Ohio. In response to this sighting, the Warren
County 9-1-1 dispatch placed calls to Wilmington airport and
Wright Patterson Air Force Base.

Monroe, Ohio is less that 29-miles south of WPAFB.

January 28, 2002

NOTE: The full report of this was submitted to Bill Jones, State
Director for Ohio M.U.F.O.N.