DATE: Monday evening, Sept. 22, 2003 - Around 7:30pm
LOCATION: Ghanna, OH (Franklin County, suburb of Columbus)


32-year old Daryl from Ghanna, OH (name changed, phonenumber on file) husband and father of two children, called to report sightinga massive UFO Monday evening.

"This was not just a light in the sky," he said, "itwas a huge black 'thing' shaped like a disc,"

There were four persons who reportedly saw the object.Along with the 32-year old primary claimant, other witnesses were his 31-yearold wife, his 13-year old daughter and 9-year old son. All agree the objectwas something strange.

The four were driving north on Beaverbrook Road around7:30 p.m. as dusk was setting in. There was still residual daylight visiblewhen a massive aerial object became apparent to them. The disc-shaped objectwas in front of their car and slowly heading west, almost seeming to floatsilently.

"At first I thought it was a shadow but then I understoodit was in the sky, and I'm still trying to comprehend what it was I saw,"the witness said. "I've never been a UFO believer but I can't deny whatI saw. It was massive."

"This thing was so large you could have put 3 or 4"747 jetliners" inside of this thing," the witness alleged.

The immense object appeared directly in front of themand occupied a space, from their perspective, that filled the entire windshieldof their 1994 Honda.

"The first thing I started looking for were wings.I Kept trying to see wings," he said. "But there weren't any. The objectlooked like it was just floating, really low, just above treetops."

The witness discounts any possibility that the objectwas a blimp. "No, this could not have been a blimp, there were no markingsat all."

When first seen by the family, there were lights aroundthe object. There was some disagreement about the color of the lights;the daughter thought they were orange while the wife said there were multiplecolored lights.

The lights that were surrounding the disc-shaped objectwere non flashing, according to the witness, but more or less changed color"in unison."

"What was very strange was when the lights went outand the object went totally black," the witness said.

The witness reports trying follow the soundless objectin his car, and notes that it seemed to fly over an area that was not particularlyisolated.

"The object looked like it was going over the highschool area," the witness reported, while also noting that he did not seeany people or traffic in the area at the time.

"It was just so huge, I still can't believe it," theclaimant asserts. "At one point it blocked out the sun and we were in itsshadow."

"It was so low that the trees were blocking it, itseemed like it took forever for the object to pass by because it was soslow."

"I could not discern any surface material, structureor color," he said. "This thing was pitch black after the lights went out,you couldn't see any surface detail."

The witness seemed awestruck even discussing the sighting."It was a monster," he said.

"I didn't know what to think, it was bigger than anythingI've ever seen."

The witness could not tell how far away the UFO wasbecause of its tremendous size, but it looked as if it was just behindthe immediate treetops. It continued traveling until it was no longer visiblebehind the treetops, but their impression was that the object was incrediblylow.

The object was reportedly visible over Ghanna, Ohioand the witness is certain that is should have been seen by others.

The witness informs that he heard nothing in the newsabout this object and found it very strange that there's been nothing onTV or radio since the sighting.

"I thought about calling the police, but they wouldjust say we're nuts," the witness said.

The weather conditions at the time of the sightingwere clear to partly cloudy.


The Ghanna police department was contacted at 614-471-8080and the dispatcher taking the call said that she was not on duty yesterdayand that there was no

logbook available for her to check, but that OfficerJenkinson was the dispatcher on duty at the time. She was not familiarwith any reports, however.


The witness said that his daughter and son have drawnsketches of the object and that their drawings were very similar. He saidthat he will hook up his scanner and try to get the sketches to me throughE-mail. I also furnished him the phone number of Roger Pinson, investigatorwith N.I.D.S. (National Institute for Discovery Science) in Las Vegas,Nevada and encouraged the witness to report the sighting with N.I.D.S.also.

The witness sounded cogent and sincere. Clearly, thisis an amazing sighting report to take, the sheer size of this object isabsolutely phenomenal. The witness, who characterized this object as a "monster" due to its immense size, seemed to be clear thinking and certainthis could not have been a blimp or other explainable object. In a casesuch as this, it is reasonable to assume there were other witnesses tothe event. As an investigator taking this report, I acknowledge that itis an incredible account to relate but I choose to believe the witnessin his sincerity.

September 23, 2003