The Shawnee Sentinel (Portsmouth, OH)
Thursday, March 4, 2004
by Austin Leedom.

Small, unidentified low-flying, slow-movingaircraft have been reported in the area north of the Scioto County linein the A-plant area. Several ideas about the purpose of the aircraft havebeen offered.

Are the aircraft small patrol planesfrom Homeland Security watching for Al-Quaida intrusions at the A-plant?Or perhaps the craft are alien space ships that are flying close to thenuclear plant to recharge their batteries before zooming off to Mars, Pluto,Uranus, or other strange and unusual places such as Cleveland, San Franciscoor DisneyWorld.

One sighting was in the area of theSouthbound Flea Market on U.S. 23. Pike County residents said the craftwas moving silently from the direction of the A-plant just at dusk withlights flashing. Are these aircraft something more sinister than mere interplanetarycruise ships? Could these aircraft be attack planes carrying weapons ofmass deception? Or are they possibly reconnaissance craft from an earthlynation? Or, are they merely tourists gathering, practicing and preparingfor a flying visit to busy, vibrant, downtown Portsmouth?

In another sighting it was reportedthat an aircraft was seen flying from the direction of Frasure's Lake.Are the craft secretly harbored in the hills of the wilderness of westernScioto County? We don't yet have the answers. If sightings continue tobe reported we will ask Doug Deepe to investigate. He is an Air Force flyingveteran; he will find the answer.

Several members of our staff think theyhave the answer. One unsteady fellow even offered up the demented ideathat the aircraft are only silent hang-gliders powered by electricity.

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