Attached below is a newspaper article of interest. The Southern Ohiolocations of Proctorville and Chesapeake are not far from, and may in factBE in the "Buckeye M.O.A." (Military Operations Area) where it is knownthat routine military jet maneuvers are flown and flares are deployed fortraining purposes. However, the description of the alleged objects, saidto resemble "two lights that appeared to circle as if chasing one another"on Sunday and Monday nights (Aug. 31 & Sept. 1, 2003) does not soundcharacteristic of flare behavior This description may even be similar toa report of 'circling white lights' seen in nearby Hillsboro, Ohio severaldays earlier (Aug. 22).

There has been a surprising upsurge of Ohio UFO reports in the pastfew days. In addition to a Hillsboro, Ohio UFO sighting and the mysteriousappearance of a nearby crop formation (for pictures and report, see that was largely unreported, UFOs have been sighted in the Clermont County,Ohio vicinity of Bethel, Ohio (reported to N.U.F.O.R.C.). Separately, therehave been news media reports concerning unexplained objects videotapedfrom Akron and also Canton, Ohio (witnesses located thanks to investigativeefforts by Donnie Blessing, report pending). Now this latest episode fromProctorville and Chesapeake adds to the sighting tally.

Of possible relevance to all this would be the good visibility ofMARS (widely known thanks to mass-media blitz), but on the surface thesenews reports seem to be approaching the various allegations of UFO sightingsas unrelated.

Please take note of the attached article's reference to a story distributedby the Associated Press regarding a separate Bainbridge, Ohio report (verynear to Hillsboro). As an observer and tracker of these reports, I canguarantee that this information has not been available anywhere that Icould previously access. This understandably raises the question of howmany other UFO sighting incidents that organizations like the AssociatedPress might circulate to some internal distribution network which mightnever be made openly available.

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ARTICLE: "Ohio Residents Report Strange Lights inSky"
SOURCE: The (Huntington, WVA) Herald-Dispatch
DATE: Thursday, September 4, 2003

By TIM STEPHENS - The Herald-Dispatch (Huntington,WVA)

ROME TOWNSHIP, Ohio -- Maybe it is something for the X-Files.

Residents in the Rome Township, Proctorville and Chesapeake areas werenot necessarily concerned, but were curious about the source of odd lightsin the sky Sunday and Monday nights. Two lights appeared to circle as ifchasing one another each night over Rome Township prompting residents topeer skyward. Occasional blips or flashes also appeared at random, sometimesover Ohio 7 and sometimes over Ohio 243 or to the south, toward the OhioRiver.

"They were just kind of circling around," said Roger Lambert, of RomeTownship.

Lambert by no means had thoughts of alien invasion. He was, however,curious as to what the lights were and from where they originated.

"I�d just like to know what they are," Lambert said.

Lambert wasn�t the only one interested in the lights that appeared,at times, to resemble spotlights reflecting off clouds. The Lawrence CountySheriff�s Department received phone calls inquiring about the lights, asdid television stations WOWK and WSAZ.

Thunderstorms flashed both nights, but the circling lights certainlydidn�t appear to be lightning.

While the lights didn�t incite panic, they made for conversation.

"I just assumed it was some spotlights or something from somewhere onthe other side of the river," J.D Warden of Rome Township said. "I didn�tthink anything of it until I saw the little flashes. I don�t think theywere lightning, but they could have been. I�m not really worried aboutit. People see things all the time and they usually have a reasonable explanation."

Ohio traditionally has been a hotbed for UFO sightings, although thesoutheastern part of the state isn�t particularly known for such things.The northeastern section of Ohio, particularly around Akron, has garneredmuch more attention for strange phenomena in the sky.

An event similar to this week�s light show took place in the GreasyRidge area of Union Township just north of Chesapeake in the early 1970swhen residents reported seeing two white lights circling together overfarmland on a warm summer night.

In the mid-1970s quite a stir was created when a green ball of firestreaked through the summer night sky over the Orchard Drive, Holiday Drive,Scott Drive portion of Rome Township. That fireball was explained awayas an oddly colored meteor or a piece of burning "space junk" falling towardearth.

Warden said he wouldn�t be surprised if a lot of what has been seenin the skies through the years is nothing more than aircraft from WrightPatterson Air Force Base in Dayton, Ohio. In mid-August, residents of RomeTownship twice had their windows rattled in separate incidents when fighterplanes flying in formation roared over head and flew southeast.

Oddly enough, the Lawrence County light display wasn�t the only recentunusual phenomena in the Buckeye State in recent days. On Friday, thenagain on Saturday, Heather Rice of Bainbridge, Ohio, spotted and filmedsomething she couldn�t explain in the skies of central Ohio.

"It looked like a circular thing with windows with the red and greenlights shining through," Rice said in a story distributed by the AssociatedPress. "It was spinning fast."


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