Roswell Revelation
  An interview with Larry Rogers and Curt Robinson, authors of the
  book "Ice Man Down:" Will it blow the lid off of the Roswell mystery?
  By Kenny Young

The first anyone has heard of Larry Rogers and Curt Robinson was from a fleeting newspaper article announcing that they had an incredible secret to tell.

The article, which appeared during the 50th year anniversary festivities of the Roswell Incident, was seen in the July 6, 1997 edition of The Cincinnati Enquirer. Courtesy of columnist Jim Knippenberg, the brief report told of two Cincinnati-based engineers who had a most remarkable discovery to announce to the world: the REAL truth behind the famous Roswell Incident.

Since that time, little has been heard of Larry and Curt. Sure, they have been contacted by numerous researchers eager for a morsel of what they claim to have, vying for a tantalizing tidbit of their truths. But they have not talked.

Both Larry and Curt have been busily researching Roswell, making preparations for the stunning disclosures they promise to reveal in 'Ice Man Down.' Their research is secretive, unnoticed. They have spent many hours quietly conducting library investigations, they have repeatedly traveled from Cincinnati, Ohio to Roswell, New Mexico.

Their lips have been sealed... until now. 

The twosome, declaring a stunning revelation to end the mystery surrounding an alleged crash and secretive military recovery of a Flying Saucer in Roswell, New Mexico of 1947, now announce that they have completed all of their preparations to launch the book which they co-author, 'Ice Man Down.' 

This exclusive is the first in-depth interview with Curt and Larry, and we hope it will advance our understanding of The Roswell Incident, and the nature of their stunning revelations.

From Left to Right: Young, Robinson and Rogers

The interview takes place in the third-floor suite of an office complex in Blue Ash, Ohio on October 8, 1998. Also present for the interview is Chris Coffey and her fianc´┐Że Danny Russell. Aside from being a close friend and fellow investigator, Chris was also a personal secretary to the late UFO researcher Leonard Stringfield, whose early research laid the groundwork for the 'crashed saucer' lore and The Roswell Incident.

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This report was first posted on December 5, 1998

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