Location: Clearcreek township / Springboro, Ohio (Warren County)

Date: Tuesday, March 9, 2004 -  11:15 P.M.

Report filed by Investigator Donnie Blessing, Cincinnati, OH


This evening at around 7:40 PM, March18th I spoke with Mike K. (name on file) of Springsboro, Ohio. Mike relatedto me his UFO sighting that occurred on Tuesday, March 9th, 2004. 
Mike states that around 11:15 PM hewas helping his wife who was doing computer work in the living room ofhis home. He happen to walk to the window and look out.  His windowfaces the South.  Two very bright objects caught his attention. Mike claims these objects may have been over in the area of the WarrenCounty Airport.  Mike says this is a very small airport.
At first he thought they may be helicoptersor planes but the objects held stationary and did not move. Mike describedthe two objects as bluish-green and somewhat diamond shaped.  Theobjects seemed diagonal from each other and from his vantage point about3 inches apart.
He estimated they would be about 1/2the size of a dime at arms length.  He thought they looked very largeeven though he guessed they may have been 1-2 miles away. Mike says thathe asked his wife to come look but she was busy on the computer and wouldnot get up to look.  Mike says he walked back and forth across thehouse two times.  He guessed the objects were there for about 3 minutes.Mike states that nothing unusual happened outside during this time. There was no animal reaction to the sighting or anything out of the ordinary.
He goes on to state that after about3 minutes the top object begins to wobble like a top. It then suddenlyblinks out like a light being turned off. About 5 seconds later the secondobject does the same thing.  It wobbles and quickly goes out. There was no dimming of the objects first. Mike went on to emphasize thatthese object were very bright.  The bluish-green color glowed intensely. 
Mike says that he lives about 1/2 milefrom Wright Brothers in Springboro and is not that far from Wright Patterson.He wondered if this could be some experimental aircraft.
One thing that he found very odd andhas not seen before. Five black helicopters came very low over his neighborhoodjust a couple of days before.  These helicopters were jet black withno markings and so low they shook the neighborhood to the point that peoplecame out to see what was going on.  Mike claims they could not havebeen more them 200 feet above the ground.  About as high as the King'sIsland tower.
He says that he has never seen themgo over his house before. Mike also said that people in his area have seenunidentified objects in the past.  He told me that he would keep watchingand would call if anything else happens. I thanked him for his time andtold him I would call back if I had any additional questions.
Comments: Mike sounded sincere in hisrelating the incident.  He states that he was mesmerized by theseobjects and wished that he had had his camera ready and binoculars withhim. He seemed completely puzzled by what he saw and holds firm on hisstatements that they were not planes, stars or planets.
Filed 3/18/04
Donnie Blessing
Southern Ohio Section Director MUFON

There have beennumerous UFO sightings in this area, one separate and unrelated witnessnear Springboro from the summer of 2001 also described a similar 'wobbling'object, said to behave like a "fishing bobber" simultaneousto the soundof helicopters in the vicinity. His comments were videotaped for the CincinnatiTV program "UFO UPDATE: LIVE!"

The sighting of IRIDIUM satellites, and sunlight reflecting off of thesesatellites called an IRIDIUM FLARE, may account for the situation. It isunlikely two would be seen simultaneously, however. The 'wobbling' descriptioncould account for a twinkling or flare like reflectivity effect as thesatellite changes its position. Again, however, this explanation is notlikely.

The original E-mailcomments by the '04 Springborowitness included below. If you have sightedthis or a similar object in this area, - KY

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Location: Clearcreek township / Springboro,Ohio
Time: 11:15 PM
Direction: Southern sky
Objects: 2 large (blueish / white)objects floating about 3 inches apart - diagonal from each other.

Like this:       *

Distance: Looked to be about 1 -2 miles away
Sky: Clear - no clouds

Sighting:  At 11:15 PM in thesouthern sky I saw two very bright objects. These objects did not move- they were hovering / floating. They were very bright, very large anda blueish / white in color. The nearest star was pale in comparison tothese two objects.  At first I thought they were helicopters, or airplanes- but these objects did not move.  I watched the objects hover forabout 45 seconds. Then the top object started to either spin - wobble -or rotate - then it just disappeared. About 5 seconds later the bottomobject did the same thing. These objects were VERY BRIGHT. I could nothave been the only person to see this happen. Any body else report theseobjects?

It freaked me out, I spent about1 hour just looking at the sky for anything else to happen.

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