LOCATION: Trotwood, OH (MontgomeryCounty)
DATE: October 25, 2003

TIME: Around 10:40 p.m.


Today I spoke with a witness from Trotwood,Ohio (a suburb of  Dayton). Mrs. R. (name on file) related to me herclose encounter with a UFO on the evening of October 25th around 10:40PM.

Mrs. R. was taking her granddaughter,age 3, home.  She had been baby sitting that day.  Her daughterlives in a semi-rural area with only an occasional lamp post on the roads.As Mrs. R. approached a 4 way stop which was Union Rd. and Little RichmondRd., she spotted what looked to be a "glowing red S" just above tree toplevel. 

The elongated "letter S" was on itsside as opposed to be standing up. She likened the light of the S to theglow of the coils in a toaster.  

As Mrs. R. came to the four way stopshe then saw that the S seemed to be on the bottom of a stationary object. She described the object as bell shape at the top and coming down to ahat brim shape.  The object was about as long as a small CessMA planeand about as tall as a one story house.  The object was black or darkgray in color.  It hovered about 6-8 feet above the tree tops. 

Mrs. R. goes on to state that aroundthe bottom of the object there were small round white/bluish lights thatheld steady. The object made no sound.  At this point Mrs. R, saysshe was very frightened fearing for her granddaughter who sat beside herin the car.

Mrs. R says she became so frightenedthat she did not know to speed off or stay to watch the object longer. She said that another vehicle was present at the 4-way stop, rememberingthat she saw a pair of headlights.  She does not remember what thevehicle did as she concentrated only on the object.  She said thatshe watched the object for a little over a minute.  Suddenly the objectshot straight up and veered off to her right and was gone at a tremendousrate of speed.

At this point Mrs. R. states she alsosped off to her daughters house saying, " Oh dear God" "What did I justsee?"  "Was that a UFO?"

Mrs. R. went on to explain that shehas no interest in the subject of UFOs.  She had seen pictures ofthem on TV.

Mrs. R. says that she experienced notrouble with her car during the sighting.

She spotted no other aircraft in thearea at the time of her sighting.  She called her mother and toldher of her experiences.  She has also spoken of the event to her coworkers. 

Weather conditions for that night wereclear with calm winds and warm temps.


I contacted the Trotwood Police 937-837-7777.  They reported that no calls had been placed to thestation on the date in question of a possible UFO sighting. 


I find Mrs. R. to be a credible witnessand truthful in her remarks.  

The report was originally submittedto Peter Davenport of The National UFO Reporting Center , and he had alsotalked with the witness and said "she sounded to be a rather good witness." 

This report is still under investigation. If any new details come out about this case they will be posted at a futuredate.

Additional notes:

I spoke with Mrs. R's mother after ourconversation. She confirmed to me that her daughter did indeed call herfrom her cell phone on the way home. She sounded frightened and upset. She described what she had seen to her mother.  Her mother relayedthe details of the conversation which matched what her daughter told me. At one point her mothers says that her daughter is very no nonsense typeperson and if she tells you something you can believe her.  She was 
even a skeptic until she saw the UFO.  

Filed 11/12/03
Donnie Blessing 

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