Bozeman Hoax: 1947

From "A History of UFO Crashes" by Kevin D. Randle: The crash of a small clamshell-shaped object in the Tobacco Root Mountains of western Montana was alleged by Vernon Baird, the pilot of a commercial photographic plane. Baird reported that he was at 32-thousand feet and flying at 360 miles an hour when one of the "flying discs" appeared behind him, got caught in the prop wash of his plane and came apar like a clamshell, spiralling down. He said the object was a "pearl gray, clam-shaped airplane with a plexiglass dome on top." The one had been part of a formation of several that Baird and his photographer, George Suttin, had spotted. The next day, Baird's boss, J.J. Archer, claimed the whole thing to be a hoax. Archer said that Baird and the other pilots had "made up the story for something to do."

"L.A. Pilot mashes Flying Disc: Savant Sees 'Em Too,"
The Los Angeles Herald and Express, July 7, 1947 pg, 1
See also: A History of UFO Crashes by Kevin D. Randle


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