Underground Oddities
Underground Fire
1969 incident puzzles Tennessee farmer

Underground Base Investigation
1998 e-mail leads researchers to tour NIKE MISSILE silo near Felicity, Ohio

Underneath Ohio: The Mound
Report on Ohio underground facility

Washington State Mystery Hole
'Scientific mystery' left in wake of tons of displaced dirt

Phantom Aircraft Accidents

Cryptozoology and
Animal Oddities
Airships and pre-'47 UFOs

Strange 1897 Airship tale from Cincinnati Newspaper

Cleveland resident reports 1897 oddity

Airship Plan
Could this be the answer to the 1897 mystery?

'Mysterious Message'
Newport, Kentucky witness left note by 'Captain Pegasus'

Cincinnati Airship Puzzler, May 5, 1897
100-year old newspaper account mystifies researchers

1897 Airship passes over Covington, Kentucky
Witness makes sworn affidavit, not addicted to 'stogies'

Ohio Airship from 1931
Phantom object baffles observers

March 1950 encounter, Dayton, Ohio

Cincinnati sees saucers, smell mystery fumes

Cleveland's 'big soap bubble'

1951 air encounter w/official document

Ohio UFOs during Washington D.C. overflights

Boys get 'sore necks,' bats react

Reported 1956 UFO Attack

Cincinnati sees saucers

Analysis of unexplained event

Police report 'shape-shifting' UFO

1966 Incident sparks security concern

1976 Casey County "Ladies of Liberty"

Dramatic 1988 event w/Coast Guard, document

Kentucky Police Helicopter, 1993
Aviation Mysteries and Cockpit Capers

Unidentified plane precedes fighter disappearance
Incident near Japanese coast, August of '99

Bad day for pilot
Unexplained power loss followed by amnesia 

Flight Crew Passes Out
Attendant revives captain and copilot, again over Indiana 

Blue Thumbnails '93
Flight crew deals with unusual physical symptoms over Indiana

Funky Pilot
Commercial airlines pilot behaves strangely for undetermined reasons

Snake On Board
Strange discovery alarms air-crew

Bee On Board
Air crew cancels flight due to unwelcome guest

Screwy Landing
Commercial airlines pilot and co-pilot lands plane at the wrong airport

Angered By The Flight
Woman attempts to sieze cockpit

Incoherence cometh
Deranged passenger storms cockpit

Crazed Assailant:
"Air Crew Evil!"



Unusual Photograph
"Smoke rings" from 1963

The Symmes Township Orb
Several photographs of a mysterious globe-like 
object taken in June of 1994, Cincinnati, Ohio

Mystery Fumes

Mystery Lazings
External contributions


A look at corrupt investigative methodology due to the 
predisposition of the investigator

Arizona Rekindled
"V-object" disinformation terminology and various comments to the contrary

Fraudulence of a Skeptical Skew
Profession of ideological motives in investigative auspices

"Extraordinary By Whose Definition?"
Reasons to avoid a common soundbite used in UFOlogical discourse


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