North Hollywood: 1947

Jokers Take Over "Flying Saucers"

     Source: The Cincinnati [Ohio] Post
     Thursday, July 10, 1947 - Page 28

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Russell Long, North Hollywood, Cal., construction engineer, found a 25-inch metal disc with radio tubes flashing and smoking in his flower garden and excitedly called the fire department. "It looks like someone went to a great deal of trouble for a joke," said battalion chief Wallace E. Newcombe of the Los Angeles Fire Department.

"Saucer" Found in Hollywood Garden

     Source: The [Maysville, Kentucky] Public Ledger
     July 10, 1947 - Page 3

North Hollywood, Calif., July 10 - A saucer-shaped mechanical contraption, resembling a chicken-brooder top with a few gadgets added, was
found in a geranium bed at the home of construction engineer Russell Long last night and the first official reaction was from Fire Battalion Chief
Wallace E. Newcombe, who looked at it skeptically, and said:

"It doesn't look to me like it could fly."

Long called the Van Nuys fire department and excitedly pointed to the metal saucer, 30 inches in diameter, which he said had been belching smoke from two exhaust pipes and emitting a blue-white glare.

'Genuine Saucer' Looks Like Gag

San Pedro, Cal., July 11 (U.P.) - Army officers at Fort MacArthur took a look today at the "genuine, radio-controlled, jet-propelled flying saucer" Russell Long found in his North Hollywood garden and said it looked "like a gag."

"We don't think it could ever fly," an army spokesman said. "However, we're holding the thing pending instructions from 6th army headquarters."

Long still hoped to collect some of the $3000 offered as rewards for a genuine flying disc, but his chances looked pretty slim. The 10-pound iron disc dropped into his North Hollywood garden two nights ago and knocked a couple of bricks off his house.

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