North Dakota ruse

Joke �Saucer� Found;
Woodworth Excited

Woodworth, N.D. (U.P.) � A �flying saucer� found here this morning turned out to be a hoax.

Five Woodworth men admitted shortly after noon today that they built the �saucer� Thursday night and �planted� it on the Bert Miller lawn, where it was discovered this morning.

�We just wanted to see what would happen,� Oscar Cellmer, one of the five saucer builders, said.

What happened was that the story about the saucer eventually found its way as far as Washington, D.C., and the army was reported to have called Woodworth. That call came a few moments after the pranksters admitted the hoax.

Hundreds of visitors flocked to Woodworth this morning, afoot, by car and plane.

Cellmer, William Clark, John Wingire, Palmer Hanson and Lester Thompson, all residents of Woodworth, admitted, amid laughter, that they worked until midnight Thursday night to manufacture their idea of a flying saucer.

They said they built the saucer from the bottom of a wash tub, a lamp shade, some tubes and wiring from weather observing equipment, some strands of human hair, and miscellaneous electrical equipment. The �propeller� turned out to be fan blades of an automobile heater.

The miscellaneous equipment was cleverly assembled, Deputy Sheriff Don Johnson reported after inspecting the saucer, and cloaked under a thick coating of silver paint.

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