Mystery is Solved?
"Saucer" Is Found On Road At Oxford Oxford, Ohio, July 7 - The finding of a "silver" kite here today, similar to the one found near Chillicothe over the week end, led Oxford residents to believe that these objects may be the mysterious "flying saucers."

John Strunk, 33, linesman for the Cincinnati Gas & Electric Co., found a sheet of tin foil fastened to four cross-sticks on a road near the Miami University golf course. Strunk said that he saw the "kite" four days ago, but did not examine it until reading a story in today's Enquirer about the finding of a similar object in Chillicothe.

The object found by Strunk had a rag on one corner, indicating it might have been suspended from a balloon. It now is on display in the window of the Cincinnati Gas & Electric office here.


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