Priest Believes He's Found "Disc" Chicago, July 6 - (UP) A Catholic priest at Grafton, Wis., said tonight that a round, metal disc, which might be one of the mysterious "flying saucers," had crashed into his parish yard and that he is holding it for the federal bureau of investigation.

Rev. Joseph Brasky of St. Joseph's church at Grafton, 45 miles north of Milwaukee, said he heard a swishing and whirring noise this morning. A second later, he said, he heard a thud and a mild explosion.

He investigated and found a sheet metal disc about 18 inches in diameter, resembling a circular saw blade.

"The object still was warm, weighed about four or five pounds and was about one-eighth of an inch thick," he said.

There was a hole about one inch in diameter in the middle of the disc, he said, and in the opening were "gadgets and some wires."

Brasky said he did not see the object while it was in the air, and observers said that it would appear as only a speck in the distance if persons on the ground had seen it in the sky.

The priest said he did not know if his discovery were important, or whether it might be an elaborate practical joke. He said he had notified the FBI of his find. H. K. Johnson of the Milwaukee FBI office said he hadn't heard yet about the disc but that an official report might be at his office.

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 Army Planes Take to Air To Renew Saucers Hunt
By The United Press

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The Rev. Joseph Brasky, a Catholic priest of Grafton, Wis., reported that a metal disc 18 inches in diameter with "gadgets and wires" around the hole in the center crashed into his yard with a mild explosion. He announced he was holding it for the FBI, but after close examination found the lettering "... steel, high carbon, 100 per cent steel," and decided that it was a circular saw blade.

----Aricle from Springfield, Mass. newspaper----

(International News Photo)

Grafton, Wis. � Father Joseph Brasky, pastor of the St. Joseph�s Church at Grafton, Wis., is shown holding the strange disk which hit a lightning rod atop his church. From there it spun to the ground. Father Brasky, who points to the lightning rod which was hit, says the disk �it looks like a buzz saw from here- fell with a roar, and immediately after it was too hot to handle. Flying saucers, mystery missiles, have been reported seen by hundreds of persons coast to coast.


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