Shreveport, Louisiana Disk: 1947

Excerpt from PROJECT "SAUCER"

The population of Shreveport, La., had its share of disc excitement when a resident reported seeing a "saucer" whirl through the air, shooting smoke and fire, and come to rest on a downtown thoroughfare.  A police investigation, however, revealed that the "saucer" was the work of a prankster who launched the homemade disc from the top of a downtown office building as a joke on his boss.   This "Saucer" employed a starter from a fluorescent light and two electric fan condensers.
A flying disc became big business in Black River Falls, Wisc., where the finder charged 50 cents admission for a look at the "saucer" until local police stepped in and shut it up in a bank vault.   The contrivance, which was fashioned from plywood and cardboard was supposedly seen in flight near Black River Falls shortly before an electrician said he found
it lying in deep grass on the town fairgrounds. After analysis at Mitchell Field, the following report was made:

"This contrivance is patently a will be held for a reasonable length of time and then disposed of in the nearest ash

Special thanks to Paul Miller for this report

Saucer Reports Dwindle;
New Stories Prove False
    • Source: The Cincinnati [Ohio] Post

    • Wednesday, July 9, 1947 - Page 2

    By The United Press

[Snipped excerpt from larger article]
A 16-inch aluminum disk, equipped with two radio condensers, a fluorescent light switch and copper tubing found by F.G. Harston near the Shreveport, La., business district was declared by police to be "obviously the work of a prankster." It was turned over to officials at the Barksdale Army Air Field.

From "A History of UFO Crashes" by Kevin D. Randle: F.G. Harston found a sixteen-inch disc equipped with two radio condensers, a fluorescent light switch, and copper tubing in Shreveport. Police believed that hoaxers had thrown the disc over a signboard. PROJECT BLUE BOOK FILES, CASE 41 

See also: A History of UFO Crashes by Kevin D. Randle


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