Alabama 'smoking object'

Negro May Have The Disc Puzzle Answer

Where there�s smoke, there�s fire. But where there�s smoke these days, it may be a flying disc.

That�s what a Negro in Limestone county discovered yesterday about 4 p.m. while he was plowing cotton on Bob Lewis� farm, near Beulah Bay. Harrison Brown saw smoke rising from the field.

Leaving his plow, Brown ran to the spot and saw what might well be the first flying disc to be located in this area. Brown took the smoking �disc,� about 1-inch in diameter, and submerged it in water.

Later, after the stone had cooled, it was discovered that striking it against cement produced a bluish flame. Constant striking, however, diminished the stone�s size. Also, if this �flying disc� is set afire, it will continue to smoke.

Maybe this is the answer to the mystery which has evolved around the flying discs seen the country over.

Harrison Brown, though, has left his plow in the cotton fields.

The Negro said he�s taking no chances of any hot stone falling down his back.

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