Black River Falls, Wisconsin: 1947

Wisconsin 'Disc' Rigged for Power

BLACK FALLS, Wis., July 11 (U.P.) - Electrician Sig Hanson said today he had found a plastic "flying saucer" shaped like two soup bowls fastened together and containing a radio tube which he thought might have provided the gadget with flight power.

Hanson said he found the gadget which had two small propeller blades on the Jackson County fairgrounds.

He said it contained a motor about the size of a man's fist and a four-inch shaft leading from the motor.

Wisconsin civil air patrol officials and Maj. John Schindler, army air forces liason officer to the CAP, said they would investigate the "disc."

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(SCORE-OUT = name deleted)

From an August 12, 1947 Memo "To Director, FBI" via SAC, MILWAUKEE

At 1:20 p.m. July 11, 1947, this office was called by the man in charge of the Civil Air Patrol of Wisconsin, an auxiliary of the Army Air Forces.  Calling from Black River Falls, Wisconsin, he "telephonically advised this office that an object in the shape of a disc, nineteen inches in diameter had been found on July 10, 1947, by one SCORE-OUT city electrician on the Jackson County fairgrounds, near Black River Falls, Ws, about 3:30 p.m.  The disc might be made of a substance such as cardboard covered by a silver airplane dope material.  The contraption has a small wooden tail like a rudder in the back and inside of the disc is what appears to be an RCA photo-electric cell or tube.  Also inside the disc is a little electric motor with a shaft running to the center of the disc.  At one end of the shaft is a very small propeller.  In SCORE-OUT opinion the contraption might possibly have been made by some juvenile.  SCORE-OUT stated that he desired to return the contraption to Milwaukee and eventually turn it over to the Army Air Forces, but that the finder, SCORE-OUT, apparently wanted to get some publicity on his find and wanted it returned to him."

This information was telephonically addressed to Assistant Director D.M. Ladd of the Bureau on July 11.

A later memo was sent to G-2 Headquarters Fifth Army, Chicago, Illinois, to request a further inquiry into Black River Falls.

None followed.

Note: Special thanks to PAUL MILLER for this information

From "A History of UFO Crashes" by Kevin D. Randle:

Sig Hanson claimed to have found a 'plastic flying saucer' shaped like two soup bowls fastened together and containing a radio tube. The device, which landed on the Jackson County Fairgrounds, was said to have had two small propeller blades. 

"Plastic Disks Found in Two States"
The Chicago Daily News, July 11, 1947, pg. 7
See also: A History of UFO Crashes by Kevin D. Randle


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