'Disk crash' in China: U.S. balloon...?

�Flying Disc Falls on Outskirts of Chengtu�

Chengtu, July 21 --- A flying disc was discovered to have fallen on the Hwayangshiang Village on the outskirts of Chengtu on July 18. Someone picked it up and sent it to the Szechuan University for examination. The disc is found to be a transparent square box with two layers which are equipped with simple devices. Attached to the box is a trumpet shaped like a bushel. The back of the box has four tapes attached to it.

The head of the College of Science of the University, Mr. Chang, told our reporter that the alleged flying disc is in fact a high altitude atmospheric barometer which is used in aviation. The four tapes attached to the box are tied to the balloon for recording atmospheric conditions. A lable �Made in U.S.A.� written in English was found on the box. However, where it came from is unknown.

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�Flying Saucers� Said Seen in Nanking�

Nanking, July 21 � Nine �Flying Saucers� were seen in Nanking last midnight.

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�Flying Saucer� Riddle Solved

A villager in Chengtu saw the �flying saucer� fall from the sky. He picked it up and sent it to the Szechuan University for study. According to Mr. Tseng Yu, Head of the College of Science of the University, it was a meteorological observation apparatus used by the air force.

The �flying saucer� was seen in Nanking in the evening of July 20. The Air Defense Headquarters in Nanking also received reports from its three observatories, stating that such a thing was seen in the same evening. The Headquarters is now collecting related materials to make a careful investigation.

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