Eastchester, New York 'gadget'

�Eastchester Style �Flying Disc�
Bears Radio Parts Of Jap Make�

Gadget Found Stuck in Hedge Is Taken To Police
Who Believe It Is Work of Practical Prankster

Eastchester � Eastchester came up with its own version of a flying (?) disc on Saturday night, but whether the gadget flew into town under its own power or was placed here by a practical prankster was still being investigated today by Eastchester Police.

On his evening constitutional on Saturday, Lawrence Castellucci of 69 Homestead Avenue, noticed a shiny metal object stuck in the hedge bordering his front lawn. This �what�s it� has since been described by various persons as (1) �a cookie can cover,� (2) a �pie plate� (3) a �cracker tin cover.�

Equipped With Tube

Flying or otherwise, the disc carries on its surface a clutter of mechanical contrivances including a radio tube, a transformer, a condenser and another gadget, which police describe as a �radio speaker unit.� If that adds up to a flying machine, Eastchester may have a flying disc.

The disc is about ten inches in diameter and is surrounded by a rim about one inch high. The condenser and the transformer have Japanese markings and are unquestionably of Japanese origin. The radio tube is a �Majestic G-38.�

The joker on the contraption is a white label with red trimming on top of the disc. It bears the admonition in English, �Finder, please return to Tokyo Rose, Japan.

After finding the disc, cracker tin cover, cookie can cover or whatever it is, Mr. Castellucci took it around to his neighbors on the theory a youngster might have lost a toy. Later, however, neighbors and Mrs. Castellucci convinced him that the thing should be turned over to the Eastchester police for investigation.

Sergeant Joseph Gal dispatched Patrolman Fred Speidell in a radio car to pick up the �thing� and bring it back to headquarters. After one quick look, Sergeant Gal said �If that thing can fly, so can I.�

Sergeant Gal is Skeptical

If the contraption is the work of a prankster, he took considerable trouble to assemble the device. The gadgets are bolted and soldered to the plate as if by a competent mechanic.

Police theorized that some GI may have brought the condenser and transformer back from Japan as souveniers, and assembled the disc to resemble a similar contraption reported found in Maryland last week.

The disc is held in �protective custody� in Eastchester Police Headquarters. Just to make sure that it doesn�t take any wild notions to fly off somewhere,  police have disassembled most of the mechanical parts.

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