Tularosa and Eagle, N.M., 1947

New Mexicans Add To Mystery Reports

"Mysterious "falling objects" reported near Tularosa and Eagle, New Mexico Friday (June 27, 1947) had not been located or identified late Friday night. There were no rockets fired from the White Sands Proving Ground Friday.

There was much conjecture as to whether the falling objects had any relation to the mysterious flying discs which had been variously reported seen recently from Oregon to Oklahoma.

Lt. Col. Harold R. Turner, commanding officer at White Sands, said that he had received reports that a track walker said he had seen a falling object near Eagle, New Mexico and an Army captain flying his own plane reported seeing an object falling from the skies near Tularosa. Search parties were sent out from White Sands in attempts to locate the objects or secure additional information."

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Thanks to researcher Paul Miller for this article


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