New Hampshire Fragments, 1947


THE WEST RINDGE, N.H. Memorandum of July 18, recording "METAL FRAGMENTS OBSERVED" on July 7, 1947
(SCORE-OUT = name deleted.)

"LITTLE BLAZES" had been started on a green lawn.  "Fires were apparently caused by metallic fragments which were turned over to SCORE-OUT of MIT...  SCORE-OUT has advised that their general SCORE-OUT appearance are /sic/ similar to the lining of /V dash two/V-2 bombs, which he had observed at New Mexico."

A metallurgist at MIT said it might have been from a jet turbo plane

"At present time he is in process of analyzing two of these pieces. These scientists in roughly reconstructing the metallic object state it was approximately fourteen inches in diameter, three /2-/ sixteenths of an inch thick, and machine tooled, and some fragments indicated they were burned and SCOREOUT appeared to have been subjected to terrific heat.  These scientists are treating this matter as classified information."

Page two says the scientists "are treating this matter as classified information."

The fire chief at WR had several fragments in his possession "SCORE-OUT stated that he will make the results of MIT research available if significant.  Opinions of scientists as set forth above suggest possible military interest."  Mil in boston not notified.

Agent reporting appears to hav typed his name as "Soucy".

Thanks to researcher Paul Miller for this information

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