Westchester, New York 'balloon'

�Weather Balloon in Greensburgh
Solves �Flying Disc� Mystery�

White Plains � Reports of �flying discs� or �saucers� over Westchester were explained by the finding of a burst weather balloon with tinfoil radar target attached in Greenburgh yesterday.

The large paper kite fits descriptions of a �six-pointed star,� �a washtub� and �an irregular silver object� glowing in reflected light as reported from various parts of the country.

The balloon and target kite are used by the U.S. Weather Bureau and Army to measure wind velocity and direction.

William T. Overton, eighteen of 154 North Road and James Mahoney, twenty-seven of 43 Mitchell Place, White Plains, were cutting grass in the cbout 1:10 p.m. when they noticed a silver object floating earthward.

Being a couple of skeptics and not particularly impressed with all this talk of mysterious discs and saucers, �we didn�t pay attention to it,� said Overton.

About half an hour later the two men �just happened to run across� a tin-foil covered kite-like object, measuring about three by four feet, to which a burst balloon was attached with cord.

Overton, who said he thought their find was a Weather Bureau balloon, decided to take it to the Reporter Dispatch Office.

A call in to the U.S. Weather Bureau in New York City verified the fact that Overton and Mahoney had found a weather balloon.

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