Harold Dahl and Fred L. Crisman


TACOMA, Wash., Aug. 6 � (U.P.) Bits of black rock which two Tacomans said they picked up on Mary Island near here were definitely pieces of slag from the Tacoma copper smelter, Dr. Robert Springer, College of Puget Sound geological analysis department professor, said Tuesday.

Springer ran a qualitative analysis on the material turned over to United Press by H.A. Dahl, whose boat � according to Boise, Idaho and Chicago newspapers � was struck by �falling fragments which might be from a flying saucer.� Dahl himself denied the newspapers� accounts and said he had found the bits of stone on the shore of Maury Island.

However, he admitted United Air Lines Capt. E.J. Smith and Kenneth Arnold, two early disc observers, had shown interest in samples of the material during their secret disc conference here this weekend.

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Captain Smith Gave 2 Pilots �Metal or Lava�

BOISE, Aug. 2 � (A.P.) The Idaho Statesman tonight said Capt. E. H. Smith of United Air Lines told the newspaper he had given the pilot and co-pilot killed in an army bomber crash yesterday six pieces of �metal or lava� to take back to Hamilton field, Cal., for inspection.

The Statesmen said Smith telephoned from Tacoma, Wash., where the B-25 bomber took off yesterday shortly before it crashed at Kelso, Wash., killing Capt. William L. Davidson of San Francisco and Lieut. Frank M. Brown, of Vallejo, Cal., intelligence officers.

Smith, the Statesman added, had gone to Tacoma with Kenneth Arnold, Boise businessman and pilot who in June turned in the first report of seeing a so-called �flying disc.�

The two men were investigating a report that a disc or some object had struck a boat belonging to Harold Dahl and Fred L. Crisman in that city. Arnold told the Statesman the two boat-owners had salvaged pieces of �metal or lava� from the accident.

Smith did not identify the pieces, the Statesman said, but told the newspaper he had given them to the two army officers. He added that he did not know where the pieces are at present.

The United pilot several weeks ago reported sighting what he said appeared to be a flight of flying discs. He was piloting an airliner in Boise at the time.

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