LOCATION: Hillsboro, OH (Highland County)
DATE: August 22, 2003 - 11:00 p.m.


On August 22, 2003 around 11 PM, Amanda and her friendJayla (names are withheld, kept on file) were playing in the parking lot/drivewayarea of her residence. The residence is a townhouse/apartment complex.Her parents were both asleep inside the house. Amanda states that suddenlyan enormous object could be seen in the eastern sky.  The object movedcloser until it was directly overhead of the town houses. Amanda explainedthat the object was so big that she could not think of anything comparableto its size. The object was round in shape. The object moved until it wasdirectly over the two children, at which point it stopped and hovered inplace, still directly overhead.  Amanda says she was more fascinatedby the object than scared. She says that it was just above the telephonepole that was near the parking lot.

Amanda describes the object as having a rotating set ofwhite lights around the center. Since it was dark she could not tell thecolor of the object itself.  Looking up at the bottom there were twolarge white lights in the middle. One of the lights shined down on her.When this happened Amanda tried to talk to her friend -telling her to lookup- but she could not hear her own words as she tried to talk to her friend.

The alleged object was said to have made no noise butAmanda described a sound like static coming from the object or near by.Amanda went on to describe a red glow backlighting a some kind of meshwork,gridwork or a screen that situated on the object.. I asked if this screenwas like a TV screen or window screen?  She said it was more likea window screen. She characterized the screen as having square with manytiny holes, being "lit up" with a red light. Also visible were black dotsfilling in some of the holes.  Amanda says that she had wondered ifthis could have been the figures of people but she saw no movement. Shealso said that she had felt as if she was 'being watched.' I asked if therewas anything she could compare the size of the screen to and she said thatit was bigger then a standard door. (Investigator note: This soundslike a grid pattern or a type of backlit-window that has previously beemdescribed. One UFO report taken by investigator Charles Stuart involveda similar description of an triangular object having red 'gridwork' sightedin nearby Owensville, Ohio in 1995)

The total time that Amanda says the object was in viewwas estimated to have been around 10 minutes. The time that the objectwas directly overhead was nearly 3 minutes. This was just a guess as shedid not have a watch.  Amanda says that nothing unusual happened whileshe looked up at the object. She said this object suddenly 'turned offits lights' and sped away at an incredible speed.  It disappearedfrom sight in seconds moving off to the West.

Amanda says that she ran in the house and woke up herMom.  She told her Mom that she had seen a very strange object. Hermoms reaction was for Amanda to tell her about it in the morning.

I spoke with Amanda's Mom (name deleted, on file) whorepeated the exact same story that Amanda had reported, saying that shewas relieved that nothing had happened to her daughter. I asked the motherif Amanda was interested in UFO stories and movies and she said that Amandahad no particular interest in such matters and never talked about UFOs.I asked the mother if she, herself, was interested in UFOs and she saidthat she had no interest in them until this incident. I asked Amanda ifshe read a lot about UFOs and she said that she did not, only sometimescatching UFO programs on TV. After the incident, Amanda and her Mom hadwent onto the Internet to see if they could find the object Amanda hadseen. All in all I didn't get the impression that Amanda was really intoUFO materials such as books and movies.

One interesting note: I inquired if there was a powerstation close. The mother said there was a sub-station directly acrossthe street from their house.  A.E.P. Power Company (American PowerCompany) provides electric for the Hillsboro area. She said that at thetime of our conversation, utlitiy service-men were present, working onthe poles. However, there was no power outage on the night the UFO wassighted that her mother could equate with the sighting made by her daughter.

Amanda told me that they had just moved to Hillsboro fromGreenfield, Ohio and she did not know many people yet.


After hanging up with the mother and daughter, I calledthe Highland County Sheriff's dept. at  937-393-1421. I spoke witha police officer who told me after checking his reports from Aug. 22, thatno reports of an unidentified flying object had been reported.

However, he said that on that date there were severe stormsin the area.  He also said that they often receive reports of brightobjects in the skies that are due to Wright Patterson Air force Base deployingflares over Rocky Fork Lake. The police are not informed when these militarytraining maneuvers take place but they happen about every two weeks, onaverage.

I thanked the officer and then called Hillsboro City policeat 937-393-3411. They also stated that they had not received any reportson that date.

I then called the Highway patrol in Wilmington at 937-382-2551.They also stated that they had not received any UFO reports.

I then called the toll free number for the A.E.P. powercompany out of Columbus at 1-877-237-2886.  A company representative.informed that she could not tell me anything about the power company locationon High St. In Hillsboro due to the 9-11 terrorist threat.  I clarifiedthat I only wanted to know if a Security guard was on duty on the nightof Aug. 22nd and would be curious if anyone had seen any unidentified flyingobjects near the sub-station.

I was put on hold while the female employee checked withsupervisors. About a minute later she came back and said that no one hadbeen on duty on Friday night Aug. 22nd at the High St. location in Hillsboro.


On Sept. 2, 2003, Amanda's Mom called to say that Jaylawanted to speak with me regarding this UFO incident.

Jayla S. (name on file) states that she was walking withAmanda around the parking lot beside Amanda's home. Jayla said that Amandalooked up as a bright light suddenly came over the top of her. As Amandalooked up she became very still and Jayla punched at her to get her tomove asking what is it? Amanda began to speak but Jayla states she couldnot hear what she was saying. However, when Jayla spoke she noticed thatshe could hear herself. Jayla looked up and saw the bright white lightshining down on Amanda. Jayla says that she did not look closely at theobject and so she could not give a good describe of it. She also reportedthat the object turned off its lights and sped away at a fast speed, sayingthat it did not go straight up but left in a horizontal position. Jaylasaid that she ran home after the sighting and her parents were up watchingTV.  She did not tell them about the UFO sighting because she thoughtthey would not believe her.

If further details become available concerning this incident,they will be added and posted here.

Filed 9/8/2003
Mrs. Donnie Blessing

Southern Ohio Section Director


According to the Huntington, WVA "Herald-Dispatch" newspaper, oddlights in the sky were reported on August 31 and September 1 near RomeTownship, Ohio, from the communities of Proctorville and Chesapeake. Thearticle also makes reference to a separate, unrelated occurrence takingplace very near Hillsboro. Although not thought to be connected with thisabove-mention Hillsboro investigation by Mrs. Donnie Blessing, this separateaccount of a UFO in Bainsbridge was internally circulated to AssociatedPress news offices and no information has been available to investigatorsof the pheneomon. The article states: "On Friday, then again on Saturday(presumably August 27 & 28 - KY), Heather Rice of Bainbridge, Ohiospotted and filmed something she couldn't explain in the skies of centralOhio. An attempt was made to locate Heather Rice to review the contentsof her video, but it seems her telephone number is unlisted and she hasbeen unreachable.If anyone has information to help us locate Heather Riceof Bainbridge, Ohio, please E-mail

Further, UFO sightings have taken place in other areas of Ohio, includingBethel, Ohio (Clermont County) as reported to the National UFO ReportingCenter. Happening in the midst of an apparent confluence of UFO activityin this region, and most interestingly, a mysterious crop formation hasappeared near Locust Grove, Ohio (near Peebles) which is less than 22 milesfrom Hillsboro. For details on this situation, see  - KENNY YOUNG