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October 5, 1998 
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The Great UFO


"The increased sightings nationally could lead to a state of panic and hysteria and we ought to be concerned about it."

U.S. Rep. J. Edward Roush (D-Ind.)
 Columbus Citizen Journal
 Oct. 18, 1973

This site is dedicated to presenting details of a most inflammatory UFO happening: a nationwide rash of UFO sightings climaxing in October of 1973.

Appearing on the internet 25-years afterwards , this informational resource will recount these stirring events through newspaper articles, journalistic reports and investigative essays.

This report is by no means a complete summation of all the unusual events happening or reported during this time period. Various researchers and investigators have generously contributed to this effort, making possible our awareness of these unusual happenings in October of 1973. Many thanks to their quality efforts.

Radio and radar oddities
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Evacuation Road
Jerry Washington

Great Balls of... Light!
Jerry Washington

UFO Stops A Train
Francis Ridge

1973 Electromagnetic 
Effect Cases
Courtesy of 
Mark Cashman

Reflections on The Wave:
By Charles Stuart

New York Data
Courtesy of 
Jim Bouck,
For a another chronological listing of 1973 UFO sightings in the Ohio, Kentucky and Indiana areas, visit the UFO Sighting Database for year '1973'
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