Port Elizabeth, Queenstown (Country unknown): 1947

UFO Lands on Front Lawn

Port Elizabeth, Saturday

An unidentified flying object (UFO) landed on the front lawn of the home of Mr. And Mrs. Derek Kruger in Berry Street, Queenstown, this week.

Although it was not seen, strange events during the night and the appearance of 'pad marks' on the lawn prove the authenticity of his theory, said Mr. Kruger. The marks within a few metres of Mr. Kruger's house, were inspected by Lieutenant Colonel L. K. Knox, District Commandant of Police in Queenstown, who admitted he was baffled.

For the past six months Queenstown has been 'buzzed' by UFOs, according to residents. At least six reports have been made but this is the closest call to a house.

Between 3:30 and 4 AM Mr. Kruger's wife was woken up by a strange, low-keyed droning sound. Then Mr. Kruger woke up. ' It was the most eerie experience I have ever had. We could hear this droning sound and a dull light was shining into our bedroom. We were mystified' 'It lasted a little while and then disappeared.' 'There was something unnatural about it.' Mr. Kruger said he did not look out the window because the last thing they expected was a UFO on their front lawn. After the noise and light disappeared they were not unduly worried but could not get back to sleep.

The following morning Mr. Kruger went to work as usual and nothing more was said about the incident, but while his wife was watering the garden that evening she called him outside. There we saw the four pad marks or whatever they are. Mrs. Kruger says she got such a fright the hair stood up on her arms.

These four symmetrical marks coupled with the events of the previous night, convinced Mr. and Mrs. Kruger they had been visited by a UFO. Mr. Kruger believes something landed here.

The lawn was inspected by Mr. Kruger and Colonel Knox. There are four oval patches 23 cm long and 15 cm broad. They are clearly visible as the grass is dying and turning a yellow-ash colour. Inside each oval the grass is still green. The four form an area 3 m long and one and a half metres wide.

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