In addition to the March 9, 2004 UFO sighting near Springboro, OH  (see, there have been two other sighting reports from Southern Ohio as of recent, focused in the Cincinnati area. See below for details -- KY

Subject: UFO sightingby 3-witnesses near Kenwood Mall
Date = Wednesday, March 17, 2004
Time = 7:02 p.m.
Location = Dillonvale, OH (HamiltonCounty)

"At 7:02 pm, Dillonvale (Deer Park)I, my son and his friend witnessed a very unusual black object hoveringin the eastern sky, approx. 45 degrees due east. The object was (2,000-3,000)feet hovering still within the breaks of the passing low level clouds wehad last night. For about 1:30-2 minutes in duration this object was perfectlystill (as I could see the passing clouds around moving) and then slowlymoved due east and within 30 seconds or so disappeared into the cloudsaround 30 degrees above the horizon. There were NO lights whatsoever onthis object, the object made NO sound. Judging from where I was viewingthe object I would guestimate that it was directly over Kenwood/Maderiaand moved due east after that. I was curious to find out if anyone elsehas reported seeing this object last night...."

(Note: follow-up with this E-mailUFO sighting report has not yet been made, a request for follow up hasbeen made but the report has not been investigated. The name and contactinfo for the claimant has been deleted from this report, but is on-file. -- KY)

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Subject: Suspected UFO in Cincinnati suburb
Date: Thursday, March 11, 2004
Time = Not exact, est. around 9 - 10:00p.m.
Location = Clifton, OH (Hamilton County)

A caller to the Cincinnati UFO Hotlinereported a high 'star-like' object that had considerable brightness, thoughtat first to be a satellite traversing a good portion of the sky at a routineclip (comparable to path of satellite) until object undertook a 90-degreebanking maneuver. Size of the object was star-like, no sound heard. Viewedalmost straight overhead, final departure path to west. The object wasseen near the intersections of Vestry and Straight Streets near the DeaconnessHospital. Report filed by witness advisement only, request for detailedfollow-up not yet been provided. (Name and phone number on-file, deletedfrom this report - KY)

March 22, 2004
Kenny Young
UFO Research
Cincinnati UFO Hotline - 859-801-6767

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