LOCATION: Hamilton, OH (Butler County)
DATE: October 15, 2003 - 8:45 p.m.


Stuart Linder (name used with permission) telephonedthe Cincinnati UFO Hotline (513-588-4548) to report sighting an unusualobject. Within minutes, he was contacted at the phone number he provided(on file) and explained that around 8:45 p.m., he was at his Hamilton,Ohio residence and walking past a window (facing north) when he spottedan unusual object.

The object, Linder said, was in the sky situated directlyover the Hamilton High School in Hamilton, Ohio (Butler County) and wasdescribed as a multi-colored "upside down diamond" rotating in place veryslow. Linder estimated the object was around 45 degrees above the horizonat a possible elevation of 25,000 feet, about the height of normal airplanes,he said, situated from his perspective 'directly over the High School.'

The witness said that there were a few lights on theobject, but for the most part, it was "luminous." The witness describeda mutli-colored, "self emanating glow" which the object seemed to radiate,making the shape of the object visible against a dark sky.

Linder said the diamond-shaped object had changed colorfrom red, green, blue, to white, and the lights were rotating, not flashing.

He estimated the object was 1/4 mile long but saidthat, at arms length, the object was as big as his pinky fingernail.

The object was visible for an estimated 10-minutes.Lindner said he was about to grab a camcorder and the object "took off"at an incredible speed to his left, or west toward the Oxford area.

"This thing just sped away as if going into warp speed,"Linder said. "I couldn't believe it."

He described its acceleration as 'extreme.'

Linder also said that two military jets had traveledoverhead about 20-minutes after the sighting, probably flying from Southto north. They were apparently flying high and out of sight, but Linderestimated they were military aircraft due to turbine sound of engines.

Sky conditions were clear at the time with temperaturesin the 50s.


On September24, 2003, a Franklin, Ohio resident contacted Wright Patterson AirForce Base to report sighting a pattern of green flashing lights around10:30 p.m. near her home at the Heartland Subdivision. Franklin is around17-miles northeast of Hamilton.

October 15, 2003
UFO Research