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Details of an interview with theFranklin County officer at Brookville Lake can be found HERE

A report on the July, 2002 helicoptercrash at Brookville Lake can be found HERE


"StealthHelicopter" in Preble County, OH

Mystery'Copter Crash"

UFO INCIDENT of August 9,2002
Trenton, OHIO and Brookville, INDIANA

On August 9, 2002,persons in Butler County, Ohio and Franklin County, Indiana reported aUFO in the evening skies. The object was seen from several vantage pointsacross state lines and was a police concern for an extended duration.

In the days to follow, an investigation of theincident was launched by Donnie Blessing, Southern Ohio section directorfor M.U.F.O.N., and researcher Kenny Young. 

When investigating such occurrences, it is routineto analyze police 9-1-1 tapes when available. While officials at the ButlerCounty, Ohio dispatch agency were swift and professional in getting thepolice tapes from their agency to UFO researchers, a communications directorat the neighboring Franklin County 9-1-1 office advised researcher DonnieBlessing that they would not release their 9-1-1 data without a'court order.' Knowing that all such 9-1-1 material is 'public record,'UFO researchers again approached the Franklin County 9-1-1 Center witha written request and after a 6-month delay, the tapes would finally bereleased.

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