October 16, 1996 UFO Reports


October 16, 1996
and the case of the MISSING FOIA's

On October 16, 1996, many police departments from a massive area of Southern Ohio were notified by dozens of citizen advisement's reporting an unknown aerial phenomenon in the evening skies. The reports were generated from as far south as Maysville, Kentucky to as far north as Chillicothe, Ohio, describing red, flare like objects that would 'appear and disappear,' and sometimes 'travel in formations.' The incident came on the heels of a series of similar incidents happening in the weeks prior over Scioto County, Ohio, at the Apple Orchard Festival happening near Jackson, Ohio.


The October 16th disturbance was documented on videotape from a Waverly, Ohio resident, and the tape has generated extensive national media interest, and prompted reportage on the syndicated TV program SIGHTINGS, where it is being subjected to extensive computer analysis by MUFON's Staff Photoanalyst, Jeff Sainio. As of this writing, his analysis of the videotape is still pending.

Kenny Young of the Cincinnati-based Tri-State Advocates for Scientific Knowledge research organization has consulted with JOE ROZZI of Rozzi's Famous Fireworks, one of the largest fireworks distributors in the Midwestern United States, and he asserted that the flare-like images seen on the videotape may be attributable to 'military flare testing' of STARBURST FLARES, which are used to divert incoming heat-seeking missiles. Although the images on the video do not appear to descend as normal flares would, Joe Rozzi asserted that this is a misleading feature of the recording blamed largely upon the angle of observation.

This contention was also separately made by an Air Force Combat Veteran fighter pilot, who viewed the recording for additional consultation purposes. The pilot served his country in Vietnam, and has combat experience. He also held that the witnesses were categorically wrong in their assertions that abnormal or extraordinary ballistic behavior would have been noted in the flight or performance conduct of the flare-like objects. The pilot stated that the videotape depicts a flare chain being dispensed from a moving target, possibly for infrared experimentation. His assertion was based upon the following observed traits:

    1. 'Twinkling' effect in burn-out

    2. Rate of being dispensed (or ejected) from aircraft

    3. Distance apart

    4. Indicative of being ejected from a moving object

The performance behavior in question, which is not compatible with this theory, is the frustrated observations and testimonies of multiple witnesses... including the videographer... who claimed that the flare like objects would 'REVERT BACK' into an alleged PRIMARY OBJECT.

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