May 26: Warren County, Ohio UFO sighting by police officers
Police tapes acquired, 3-object sighted, WPAFB contacted by WCCC

May 11: UFO Claim Slips Away
Akron Beacon Journal report cannot be verified

April 8: The Blessing Report
Evaluation of Ohio Y2K UFO Sightings

March 22: Ohio 2 X 4 UFO 'Plowed Under'
Paucity of convincing information weakens claim

February 5: UFO Update: LIVE! Now Available
2001 Special Now available on videotape

Object photographed near Jefferson Proving Ground, Indiana
nothing more than "targeting apparatus"


December 18: Special Report
The controversial LRV Project

December 7: SITE OF THE MONTH 
This website recognized by CinciNow.com

December 3: UFO Report
Alexandria/Cold Spring, Kentucky sighting claim

December 2: UFO Report
UFO Said Reported to O.S.P., 11-29

November 10: UFO Report
Ashtabula, Ohio with videotape

October 22: Editorial Comment
"Extraordinary By Whose Definition?"

October 10: Unusual U.S.G.S.  photograph
Jefferson Proving Ground,  south of Versailles, Indiana

September 29: UFO Reports
Girard and Ravenna, Ohio sightings from 9/19 - reported to 9-1-1

Sept. 24: Flying Saucer Crashes of 1947
Updated page, new installments

July 27: UFO Report
7/22 incident near East Liverpool, Ohio reported to Ashtabula Cty. State Highway Patrol

July 18: UFO Report
Ironton, Ohio 'rustic colored shoebox'

July 18: Ohio crop circle discovery
Mystery rings appear on Bainbridge farm

June 19: Suspected UFO Photographs
Salina, Kansas resident takes picture of strange object during tornado warning

June 1: Analysis of Boston Globe report
Military officer claims 'undisclosed' UFO briefings at Pentagon

May 19: UFO Report
Cincinnati-Norwood, Ohio [May 5 sighting]

April 30: UFO Report
Triangular object sighted in Belmont County, Ohio

April 27: Illinois investigation
Focus on the 'investigators' at Scott Air Force Base

April 22: Illinois UFO sightings  again
'Lights in field' and motorist impaired by bright light

April 13: Special Report
Investigation of 1952 "Talk Startles Crowd" issue

March 30: A word about reporting UFO sightings

March 6: UFO Report
UFO reported to/seen by law enforcement - Ashtabula County, Ohio [2/28]

March 4: UFO Report
Wilmington, Ohio from Feb. 19

February 1: "Just The Facts..."
Officer Craig Stevens responds to CSICOP

January 24: Illinois police officers claim UFO sighting
Web page updated, new links included

January 17: UFO Report
Hamilton, Ohio [Butler County] sighting

January 5: Explosive sound jars Ohio town
Mystery boom startles residents, search yields no clue

Dec. 7: Strange Sounds in Defiance, OH
Police officers report 'fast moving' hum

Nov. 17: Fire damage in Whitehouse, Tenn
Large fire equated with November 16 sightings

Nov. 16: Major Sighting Sparks Concern
9-1-1 flooded by sightings over midwestern U.S.

November 4: UFO Report Toledo, Ohio - 10/15

11/ 2:  Unidentified object causes traffic death
Mystery projectile, Oct. 13  - Monroe, Michigan

October 10: Aeribarque!
1897 Airship report from Cincinnati newspaper

October 2: UFO Reports
Ripley County, Indiana, helicopter explanation

September 5: UFO Report
Sighting with videotape, Florence Kentucky - 8/21

August 19: Ohio UFO Report
"Shimmering lights not UFO" - Canton newspaper

August 14: Bigfoot Claim
Creature alleged seen in Shawnee State Forest

July 31: UFO Report
Sighting allegedly linked to chemical situation

July 9: UFO Report
Another sighting baffles Clyde, Ohio residents

July 4: UFO Report
6/16 Massillon, Ohio explained as Iridium Flare

June 13: Bigfoot mystery in Ohio
Portsmouth newspaper references burial ground

May 23: UFO Report     Bloomington, Indiana

May 12: UFO Report
Daylight object with 'bump' Cincinnati, Ohio

May 3: UFO Report
Dramatic 1993 sighting near Bellbrook/Xenia, Ohio

April 20:UFO Report
Another sighting reported from Fremont/Clyde, Ohio

April 18: Top Secret Weapon
'47 article stumps researchers

April 13: UFO Report
Fremont [OH] police respond to another sighting

April 5: UFO Report   Unionville, Michigan -3/16

March 27: Sightings UpdateMichigan/Ohio

March 18: UFO Report
March 14 near Fremont, Ohio w/police witness

March 15: UFO Report
Police document Clyde, Ohio UFO

March 14: 1994 UFO Report
I-71 south of Jeffersonville, Ohio

The Trumbull County Disturbance receives national attention, NBC television

Feb.15: Blue Haze Spotted  Bolide Triggers Reports

Feb. 9: Editorial Comment
Fraudulence of a Skeptical Skew

Feb. 4: UFO Report - 1/25 - West Elkton, OH

Jan. 23: UFO Report - 12/10/98
Marietta, OH said  related to respiratory ailment

Jan. 18: UFO Report    Portage, Indiana - 12/15/98

Jan. 11: Mysterious Commotion
Unexplained sounds alarm residents 

Jan. 4: UFO Reports
Cincinnati suburb Mt. Healthy reports 2-UFOs

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