Strange Happening

Report on Southern Ohio Bigfoot sightings

Subject: Mike Stevens [changed for privacy purposes, name and phone number on file].  Stevens reported a suspected 'Bigfoot sighting' to the Internet Bigfoot Database.

Time of event: (specifics pending) 1997 Deer hunting season, Mid-day

Location: Near Peebles, Ohio (Adams County) on Davis Memorial Road (Across from the State Preserve [?]) One mile from GE/Peebles Test Operation property line.

Description: Two hunters (using bow and arrows) observed what appeared to be a large dark figure "walking or running" across a field. The unknown object traversed the region at an 'astonishing speed.' This year, in same location, witnesses were again at scene and heard a 'yelping cry' after dark, that seemed to be moving toward them. They admitted they were frightened and left. They had previously sighted deer crossing same location, and noted the differences in both size and appearance between the deer and the 'unknown object,' which was huge and moved swiftly.

Comments: Witness has assured me he will take me to the scene where I can conduct the pending field investigation and acquire more specific data. Other reported BIGFOOT
sightings have been acquired from independent sources within this exact locality, dating back to 1981. An effort will also be made to contact the second witness and acquire
 his testimony.


Report filed:
FEBRUARY 13, 1998
Kenny Young

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