Trumbull County Disturbance



Hi Kenny,

I kinda got excited about the tape that you aired on sightings. I would hope that you could squeeze me in on the list of people that would like a copy. I'm sorry that I have to cut this message short, but now that I have stumbled onto your webpage, I've got some exploring to do. Hope to hear from you soon! --

Art Adams
South Texas Paranormal Investigations

I listened with rapt attention to your Sightings on the Radio broadcast when I was supposed to be writing a post-arbitration brief (I'm a trial lawyer). It was like something out of a movie, complete with the wisecracking cops and their equally funny dispatcher with a heart of gold. We will all be looking forward to the transcript of the tapes. It would be helpful if you would digitize the entire 911 tape, even with the audio defects of the "chase" sequence so that people can make their own evaluations. I am spreading the word among my friends about your site.

John (withheld by request)


As for [the reporter's] behavior, I think a story is a story. If the story is good and well documented and "investigatable" and authentic and shocking then the reporter has a scoop...

Unless there is some pressure coming from somewhere [Twilight Zone theme please] - which I believe is the case.

With all the people involved that night, I am sure Adger is not the only journalist who heard about the story.

Why didn't somebody do something at the time ?



PS: I went on the site for real audio but it was impossible at 8 am ET to get more than garbage sounds. I got "Server to busy..." message ?!? I had to resort to the thread to get proper info.

Do you plan on making a CD Rom of the case ?

Hello Kenny,

I've actually been to [your] web site some time ago, and read the story about the UFO pursuit with some interest. However, I moved into the Trumbull county area, from Cleveland, in early 1996, and have since moved back into Cleveland earlier this year. I have left my web site up, since there is no site I am aware of that covers this area, if someone makes a new site, I might take mine down.

My main monitoring interest is Fire, not Police, so most likely even if I had been in Trumbull county during this time, I might have missed it, as usually the only Police I listen to are those in which city I reside in. I have talked with a couple of area scanner monitors via email, but none ever mentioned monitoring any part of this incident.

Curiously enough, myself and a couple other members of my family have had some missing time experiences, and also I have strange memories of seeing faces when I was a child, which I described then as being black and white (gray?), along with bloody noses, which continue to this day, for no reason at all. I have not gone under hypnosis as I guess I am afraid of what might come out of it. My interest in UFO's continues to this day, more out of curiousity then anything else. Though I have given some thought into joining or trying to help MUFON or another UFO organization.

Jeff C.

Note: This person was contacted due to his web-site regarding scanner frequencies for Trumbull County


It occurs that there could be a reason for certain news directors to withhold evidence of UFO. There could be an "ol boys" network of rewards that are given to "smart" [news] operators.

Maybe the fed will be proven to reward "loyal" citizens for "correct" behavior. They certainly seem to harass the folks who openly report same. Why not the reverse?

Steven J. Neeley, Director
Ohio Skywatch International

You really need to hear [the tapes] that I feel will become a ufological classic.

Errol Bruce Knapp


Think any of the police caught it on the cameras in their cars? Do these police HAVE cameras in their patrol cars?


I am following this story closely as an interested citizen and I want you to know that I will be checking your site for more information. Please post any new findings, particularly a response (if any) from your FAA inquiries).


Thank YOU for one of the most exciting programs I've ever heard. You are doing what GREAT research is all about. I hope this might pry some other dispatch tapes loose. I was very pleased that dispatcher got a look, what a live wire she is. What a terrific story. Our listeners heard something tonight they will not soon forget.

Best regards,

Jeff Rense,

Finally, this is the strangest e-mail I received yet, and it is from Pat Mason, who took the 9-1-1 tape and 'played it backward.' - KY


You want to hear some reverse speech? I looked at the part where the dispatcher is talking to the FAA. I wanted to find out if they DID get something on radar [and played the tape in reverse]. This is so cool.

So the dispatcher calls the FAA to ask if there were any UFOs sighted on radar. She's told no, nothing was seen on radar. She asks if it could be a helicopter that the officers are seeing adding at one point that the object is making no sound. The FAA guy says, "It could be. It could be you know just it could be anything. Um. As far as uh any kind of helicopter traffic, anything down low. They don't have any kind of requirements to uh ...(dispatcher interjects something) ... closer coming into the airport here."

When he says, "closer coming into the airport here," in reverse he says, "Track off for alien in a micro ..." The micro part sounds like Microsoft to me. It could be a metaphor for software of any manufacturer.

Next we have:

Dispatcher, "We are close to a hospital but the location away from - as low as they said it was to the ground it would be approximately five miles away from the hospital ..." FAA, "See we don't had, we haven't had anything going on uh you know a (inaudible) come up in that direction.

When the FAA guy says, "See we don't had, we haven't had any--" he reverses to say, "There you have my orders. They know you worry."

Often when people stumble around for words you'll find a reversal there.


FAA, "I don't see anything out there. Uh, nothing on the radar scope. I haven't seen anything. And uh we really don't do anything with the information."

And when he says (talking about UFO reports to the FAA), "And uh we really don't do anything with the information." In reverse he says, "Sheriff, they command us..."

In a nutshell, I think the FAA here is under orders not to reveal the presence of UFOs even to the police dept.

The reversals generally compliment the forward speech/words. In other words they directly relate and add information to what is being said forwards.

Have fun,

Pat Mason

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