The Trumbull County Disturbance


Notes: UFO/9-1-1 Police Incident, 12-14-94

This is a brief summation on the 9-1-1 dispatch tapes from the December 14, 1994 Trumbull County Disturbance. A more exacting transcript is being prepared.

An object was first visually observed at a treetop level before midnight in the vicinity of Samson Drive and the Fifth Avenue Extension. It was bluish-green with flames. Four calls were placed to the dispatch office before midnight, and these calls are not on the present tape. An additional call was placed to WYTV Channel-33 news reporter 'Stacey.'

A unit (#998) is dispatched to Samson Drive to investigate.

At the point Unit #998 [Tobe Melero] views the object at close range, it is now red, and illuminating the ground with a tremendous red light "as bright as daylight." From all accounts, the object was described as 'huge.' [Melero later stated that he encountered an elderly man who was wandering in the roadway, saying: "it was right above my house!" He also stated that when he drew near to the object, he felt that it effected the electronic instrumentation of his patrol cruiser]

Having reported his observation, other units are now dispatched for backup and a call is placed to the airbase by the dispatcher. There is no answer at the airbase, and a call is then placed to the FAA tower, where the tower operator states to have nothing on his radarscope within a 60-mile radius of Youngstown.

At this point, the unidentified aircraft departs from the Samson Road area (is is not known the nature of departure whether it be with path N, S, E or W, ascention, fade from view, etc). Interestingly, Unit #998 advises that he was 'out of service' for a duration to "gather his thoughts." The time is near 1:00 a.m.

The UFO is again reported when Unit #429 advises central dispatch that an object is spotted to the east of the 9-1-1 center. The dispatcher, eager to view the object, steps away to look for the UFO as another person takes her place.

The object is said to be near Route 11, and several units from different locations and directions triangulate its position from areas near Kings Grave and Henheid. The object is now over an empty field, and changes color from whitish red to a pulsating greenish lavender.

The dispatcher returns, saying that she did not see the UFO. More incoming radio traffic relevant to the UFO causes her to 'take a break' where she plans to meet an officer who will pick her up and take her to see it [During my 1996 interview with Royanne Rudolph, she said that finally did see the lighted object, and it resembled a 'red, rotating saucer'].

Through heavy radio traffic, several unspecified police units converge upon the UFO and triangulate its position.

This documented triangulation of an aerial object from different vantage points indicates to us that it is not a star, as the object maintains a localized presence within a specific area (A star cannot be triangulated from units approaching in different directions). One unit claims that he is heading east to approach the object, another unit advises that he is heading north to approach the object. A unit headed eastbound advised that the object was 'southeast' of his location.

The object remains stationary for a duration over this empty field prior to a departure path to the southeast, where it is seen near an 84-Lumber hardware store. There it is described as a structured object with an attachment or unspecified element protruding from the top of it.

Every police department in the county now has the object under observation, and many units are now pursuing the UFO from different departments and localities.

Several units are maintaining the object under binocular observation, and discern a 'parachute-like' structure attached to the object. One unit tries to signal the object.

One officer, who is at the airbase, is also observing the object from his vantage point. Present with him to view the UFO is a security guard at the airbase.

At this point, "several" objects are suddenly under scrutiny by law enforcement officials. This is announced rather cryptically, as the officer states: "We have both of them under visual observation, I think you'll know what I mean." It is not known if the main object 'split' into several objects (a frequent element reported in UFO sightings) or if additional objects were generated elsewhere or 'arrived' on the scene.

One specific object, described as a 'white light,' appeared over the airbase, where a police officer was present to report it.

Pursuit of these objects continued for some time, and it was again stressed that all departments in the county were concerned with the situation, and held the object(s) under visual observation.

All objects ascended to a high elevation and appeared as stars in the sky. As the objects were viewed at a high elevation, others on the police force that did not place a close range observation of the main object, while at its low elevation, assumed that everyone else had mis-identified planets and shooting stars.

Some on the police force mused that stealth technology was employed to negate radar detection, some speculated that they weren't being told of a secret project from the airbase.

Toward the end of the event, jets were seen in the area, and one officer believed they were military jets from the airbase scrambled to engage the objects.

One officer refuted the 'planet' comment, but stated that there were shooting stars visible. He stated that there were six shooting stars in the same part of the sky that the UFO was seen in.

One unit took exception to the remark that planets were mistaken as UFOs, and he added: "What I saw was not a planet, it was 50-feet off the ground and lit up the whole area like daylight."

It is thought that the event ended around 6:00 a.m. from previous discussions with officials involved, although a specific time is not reflected on the tape.

A UFO sighting was reported on the previous evening, and also two weeks earlier.

End of notes

June 3, 1998
Kenny Young

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