The Trumbull County Disturbance


This is a partial transcript of the 9-1-1 Dispatch tapes regarding the December 14, 1994 Trumbull County UFO incident. It is not a word-for-word transcript. At times, more specific quotes will appear when deemed important. Special comments will appear in [brackets].

Many persons are part of this drama. Their names are not all
known. Police radio correspondence indicates a UNIT NUMBER to designate a particular officer on duty. During later portions of the tape when a more frantic climate arises, it is impossible to determine who is talking. Unit numbers are not always known, as will be indicated.

A prominent person is Central Dispatch for Liberty Township, Ms. Royanne Rudolph. The time is around or after midnight. A UFO report has already been received at the Liberty Township dispatch office, this is not reflected on the present tape (because tapes changed at midnight), but is referenced. Evidently, the first caller was a female, and hysterically reporting a low-level object near her home.

Begin summation:

County Dispatch (CD): 9-1-1, may I help you?

Male caller #1: What do you know of a strange object in the sky? It is strange, like the back end of a fighter plane with flames coming out the back. The object was descending at an angle.

CD then reports to Unit # 996, advising him of vehicle in the sky near Samson Drive.

#996 & #998 ask for description of object.

CD to Bob [perhaps a supervisor]: 4-calls were received regarding a UFO over Liberty. This conversation is very lively, CD plays back tape of previous call to Bob. CD laughs, Bob laughs. Bob then advises CD to call the airbase. CD says this will 'start a frickin' panic.' Bob says 'Mr. Spock' is in town, laughs about being abducted. CD again asserts that there were 4 or 5 UFO calls.

#993 advisess he will be in the area of Samson Drive. He requests a specific locality where he should go.

CD advises #993 of 4 different calls regarding UFO in the sky. At this point, the time is now 12:30 a.m. as the dispatcher announces.

A phone call is received by CD from a news reporter from Channel 33 in Youngstown. Her name is Stacey. Channel 33 has received an additional call of a UFO at Samson Drive from a female caller to the newsroom.

CD to Ch.33: "Why are they in Liberty? There's no intelligent life here!" She laughingly adds that a Star Trek sequel is being filmed in Liberty. Ch. 33 tells CD that caller described a bluish-green object with no noise, flying low. The big, glowing object, which came down and 'zooped over' was now flying up the Fifth Avenue Extension. CD tells Ch. 33 to do a story on the water in Liberty, because it is making people crazy. CD laughs, and adds that 'jokers are on the force tonight' CD tells Ch.33 that they will be given the exclusive about the UFO, laughingly.

A female caller phones in to ask for Liberty Police, reporting a strange airplane or something in the air on Samson Drive. The caller says it might be a flying saucer, and it is not an airplane. She says it is down 'awfully low.' This person was asked if she was the same person who called Ch.33, and she said: "No." She described the object as iridescent in color, bluish purple like a long streak with fire coming out the back of it.

Unit #993 to CD, explains that a civilian stopped him, saying the object appeared to be hovering about 50-feet off the ground. The civilian said it was a large object with many lights on it, and it was heading toward the area of Sodom and Hutchins Road. The officer advised that he would check the area.

CD to #993 Advises that another report near Samson Drive and call from media referencing the blue-green object at Fifth Avenue Extension.

Unit #998: See's some lights about one block over, large object.

CD requests #996 backup, then #925. #996 copies, enroute.

Unit #998 catches glimpse of UFO while driving on Samson Road. The object is heading to Fifth Avenue. Lights seen in area. Officer comments: "Should I set my phaser for stun?"

Unit #996 is now on Fifth Avenue Extension. Advises that the object is "like a red, pulsating light."

CD to units: Object should be blue and green.

#996: "What I saw was red like a pulsating light, like to the bottom of an airplane, but it was real big."

CD announces: "We will now contact the airbase at this time, stand by.

#996: "Maybe its a flying Christmas tree."

CD: "Any green men?"

CD advises that no more calls had been received.

CD places a phone call to AF Base, no answer. CD then calls FAA control tower at Youngstown/Warren Municipal Airport (856-4541). CD advises FAA operator of UFO at Samson Drive and Fifth Avenue Extension, adds that the object is 'in our jurisdiction,' and that call is not a prank.

FAA: "I am looking at the radarscope, 60-mile diameter of Youngstown and there is 'nothing' out there.

CD: "Oh shit."

FAA: "Not even anything up high, no airplanes."

CD advises of 5 calls, asks if FAA would be able to monitor a Cessna airplane w/headlight on radar.

FAA replies: "Depends on how high & low. If low, radar coverage isn't any good."

CD explains that she doesn't want to tell units that FAA has no track of UFO on radar. She asks if FAA has a 'clause' used to dismiss sightings.

FAA: "Could be, could be. Maybe it was a helicopter or something like that, flying low. Are you close to a hospital?"

CD: "As low as they said it was from the ground, it would be approximately 5-miles from the hospital." CD indicates that the area in question is closer to the Vienna Township line, near the Vienna Airbase area.

FAA: "We haven't had anything going on. About a half-hour ago a [took off] out here northbound and climbed up high, but there's nothing now in that direction."

CD: I'm advising you of this, file it in the "G-for garbage" can if you want to.

CD puts FAA on hold, comes back to say 4 to 6 calls have now come in regarding a UFO above Samson Drive and Fifth Avenue. The object is low to the ground with no noise, and hovered for some time prior to departure down Fifth Avenue Extension. Advises that a unit also observed a red object.

FAA: "I can refer you to an 800-number for UFO reports during business hours."

CD: "No."

FAA: "I don't see anything out there, nothing on radarscope and we don't really do anything with the information."

CD: "Well, I thought I'd pass it on to you in case just so I'd do my job."

More Central Dispatch-to-Unit correspondence at this point

Unit #998: In clear now, doesn't see object anymore, but has no idea what he saw. Says: "Might have been a light in the sky."

Unit #925: Surrounding jurisdictions advised to stop and interrogate "if they come across that."

Female caller to CD, asking about UFO. CD says dispatcher presently on phone with airbase at this time. Liberty thinks it is from the airbase.

CD to Units: We've contacted FAA, they have nothing nor communication with private vehicles or helicopters.

Unit #998: Then they're not aware of anything?

CD: Negative. They have nothing nor communication with private vehicles or helicopters.

Unit #998: OK.

CD: We are continually getting calls on this also. The last call was two minutes ago.

Unit #998: What's the area?

CD: Still Samson & Fifth.

UNKNOWN UNIT #1: We're right there, there's nothing there now.

UNKNOWN UNIT #2: [jokingly] It's only visible to certain people.

Unit #998 to CD: If you get any more calls, I'd like an address. I'd like to speak to people making the calls.

CD: Copy.

Unit #998: I will be out of service a couple of minutes, I have to gather my thoughts.

CD: Copy gathering, 12:58 [time marker].

Unit #998: I'm ok now, I'm back in service.

CD: Back in service, 12:59 [time marker]

This segment is a phone discussion between CD and Unit #998 about the object. Unit #998 shaken, describes big red glow 'bright as daylight on the ground.' Explains encounter with civilian on the road. Describes red object, noiseless, at treetop level.

Unit #429 advises CD that UFO is east of her location. She leaves post to go look. #429 says that he has been watching the object for 10 minutes with binoculars, and the object has not moved. Unit #429 says that there was a UFO sighting two weeks earlier, as well.

UNKNOWN UNIT A: We have a pretty good view out here near Kings Grave. UNKNOWN UNIT B: Looks like I'm getting pretty close here. UNIT #429: That bugger has not moved. UNKNOWN UNIT B: I'm going over to Leven [Road?] right now and starting to maybe get next to it here... UNIT #429: It's just above the trees, yeah! UNKNOWN UNIT: The airbase should know what this is. UNIT #429: Mikey's up here now, he's looking through the binocs, it looks like it might've moved. It moved from one side of the tree to another. UNKNOWN FEMALE VOICE: It's over around Leven. UNKNOWN UNIT: Ridge already, Ridge at the airbase. UNKNOWN UNIT: It's doing circles.

Two units attempt to triangulate the position of the UFO from two different locations. #429 announces that he is 1/2 mile south of Kings Grave on Henheid, and the object is south of his location. CD Royanne returns, out of breathe, said she did not see object. Unit #429 announces that he is still on Henheid north of Caine [sp?], and near a house that is under construction. They are watching it over an empty field. The color of the UFO changes from whitish red to pulsating greenish lavender. #429 complains about a cheap set of binoculars.

CD: I'm calling the air base again.

Unit #429 announces that he is coming to the dispatch office to pick up dispatcher Royanne to take her to see the object. She states that she will be taking a break to see it. Before taking the break, she places another call to the FAA tower.

CD to FAA [frantic]: The darn thing is in Howland Township now, hovering over Henheid, about five minutes from the center. Do you show anything on your radar screen over the Warren area? They're seeing it, 50-feet from the ground with a red holding light. There are blue and green lights, no noise. We've had this all night.

FAA: I'm looking to the west, and I don't see anything. I'm 70-feet in the air.

CD then gives the phone number of the Liberty Twp. dispatch office to the FAA operator to contact, and advises him that she is now going to go see the object.


Telephone conversation, 2 officers, one of them a controller at an unspecified department in Trumbull County Person #1: The FAA didn't see it Person #2: That is a joke, that is a joke. Person #1: We got 8 calls about it. Person #2: Liberty was telling us about it. Person #1: We got calls on it last night, too. Person #2: How's a UFO going to be detected on radar if it's Stealth? Person #1: We got 8-calls earlier. Person #2: It's hard to say. In winter months, you see alot more shooting stars because the sky is clear. Person #1: With the cold, they drag on. Person #2: I saw one good one tonight that was bright. Pete was joking about that. Person #1: Beam me up, scotty [laughs] Person #2: That's probably what they're seeing. Person #1: We'll make a note of it.

A gentleman at 'the jail' calls the dispatch office on the telephone to ask about the UFO situation. The controller explains that the UFO is presently being seen, and says that UFO reports were also received the previous evening. The controller explains that a Howland police officer is also a witness to the present UFO as well.


A new, unidentified controller is now speaking with Unit #433.

Controller: Did the UFO move? Unit #433: Negative, but I'm out at the air base here, standing here watching it. It looks like he's just sitting here.

A male respondant advises Unit #433 that a subject is enroute

[Special note: The sequence which is to follow contains the POLICE PURSUIT of the UFO, and the rapid-fire action and radio traffic cannot be easily charted. Dialogue will be listed below, frequently without attribution, as it is not known what 'Unit' is speaking.]

Unknown Unit: I've got a visual on it! I'm east on Old [Rt.] 82 with a visual on it by the 'S' curve! I can see a large red, blue and green light. I am going east on Liberty. This thing's going so fast, there's no way I can keep up with it. When I pulled in Liberty I could see it in the distance, but I got closer and it started moving.

Unknown voice: Which Liberty?

Unknown Unit: Liberty off of Belmont. I don't see it now, I'm on Logan now.

Voice: OK, 429, its south of Old 82, I'm moving east on it!

Unit #429: I'm still stationary at the airbase. Its pulsating.

Voice: Affirmative, I'm looking at it through binoculars. Its got something protruding out the top of it.

Voice: I'm on Belmont now.

Voice: It's over [Railroad?] tracks now...

Voice: It's hovering now!

Voice: I see it now, too!

Voice: It looks like its flickering more now and its east of me now! I'm heading east on Old 82...

Voice: I've got a pretty good view from here!

Voice: I'm dead east on it, it's slightly north of us!

Two other officers corresond separately

Officer A: I heard that Liberty had some traffic regard to that, too...

Officer B: Voice: We know they definetely saw something, because we're seeing it.

Voice: It's extremely bright, really bright.

Voice: It's all the way into Liberty now, into Hubbard now...

Unit #998 to RADIO: Is Howland reporting sightings?

RADIO: That is affirmative.

Voice: Hey Walter, chase it back north, I want to see this thing.

WALTER: From Howland and how far it's visible you should be able to see it...

Voice: I'm going to head out to [Route?] 305 and get a glimpse of it from there.

UNIT #2223: I've got a visual on both of them, I'm sure you know what I'm talking about.

CONTROL: 10-4. We have multiple departments right now that has sightings on it.

UNIT #2223: OK, I've got them both. I've got Howland saying it looks like its in the area of Warren Road, Liberty says its down near Hubbard.

CONTROL: If you see anything close and can identify it, let us know.

UNIT #2223: Affirmative.


OFFICER X: I'm past 84-Lumber [hardware store] still eastbound, its southeast of my location.

UNKNOWN UNIT: It doesn't seem like it moved at all from where I'm at.

VOICE: OK, are you by yourself, or is there someone documenting the observation also?

UNKNOWN UNIT: I'm at the airbase, I've got the security guard out here, he doesn't know what to make of it, either. We can see it from right here.

VOICE #2: Did you ask Liberty Dispatch the outcome of the FAA inquiry?

UNIT #433: Last check, radar at the airport was advising nothing on their screens. They wouldn't tell us anyway if its anything to do with the military. We've had another 'Hangar 7' happen in Trumbull County.

UNKNOWN FEMALE CONTROLLER: It's in Brookfield, now.

UNIT #998: We can see it from Route 62, a large light with red in it!

UNIT #223: I'm going to go up in the tower!

UNIT #443: Did you hear from Liberty or Youngstown?

Male Controller: Everyone in the county has a visual on it that I can hear.

2nd Voice: Right now, control is copying that it is somewhere in Brookfield Township, east of 84-Lumber on Warren/Sharon Road. We've got a unit at the old county home on Route 7 with a visual at this time. Looks like its going southeast.

Officer C: I'm almost to Brookfield, I just pulled off and have it under binocular observation, and there is definitely a structure there, 429. What you saw... I can see an upper structure off the main part of the lighting.

UNIT #429: Yeah, it almost looks like a little parachute hanging from it.

Officer C: Yeah, something with a different colored lighting to it.

UNIT #429: Hey, 443, have you been looking at this through binoculars?

UNIT #443: I've been trying to run as far east to get as close and get a clear visual through my old binoculars and stopped at Brookfield Center, got a halfway decent look at it, the object you described on top of it.

UNIT 2223: What unit is that?

Voice: UFO's near Courtland!

2nd Voice: Is anybody close to that thing?

Male voice: Last seen it was southeast from 84-Lumber, in that area.

Voice: If you come up on [Rt] 46, you should be able to see it without any problems. I could pick it up on North Hill Road.

3rd Voice: I'm at [Rt] 305 & sitting on the overpass and I don't see anything.

OFFICER: I'm at Fowler & Ridge, how high up are we talking here, above the horizon?

Voice: Not very far. If you're in the treeline it'll block your view.

2nd Voice: Will I be able to see it if I go south on [Rt] 11?

OFFICER: Yeah, you should, just look out toward Kings Grave, toward the airbase.

Voice: Allright, I'll take a shot down [Rt] 11.

UNIT 2223: I'm clear from the homes, I'm going to go closer to it.

CONTROL: What was your last location you saw it, where is it at now?

UNIT 2223: It looks like its right around 84 Lumber. I will head down [Rt] 82 and will advise.

CONTROL: 10-4, give me a registration when you can.

UNIT #998: I don't know what this is... it's a large light in the sky, changing colors. We tried to signal it... [tape break, then resumes] It's in Brookfield now, pretty far from us.


Unidentified voice: We got this white light over the top of the airbase.

OFFICER: Yeah, that's probably it.

Unidentified voice: The light isn't pulsating or anything, it looks like a star or something up there.

OFFICER: How far are you from the airbase?

Unidentified voice: I'm near the airbase on [Rt] 11, but it's southeast of there, looks to be rather high, though, not just over the treeline.

OFFICER: It's not much farther.

Voice: Have you heard from Wally or did he get beamed up?

Controller repeatedly attempts to contact Howland Unit #433 for status and receives no answer. Finally, #433 comes on and announces that he can't "get down in and was coming back."

Unknown Officer: I went down to [Rt] 82 to cross over North 82 on [Rt] 11, and the only thing I see is a white star out there, looks like either Jupiter or Sirius... nothing moving, nothing pulsating. You might try getting a little more rest during the day...

Officer then makes a joke about his decade of third shift duty and of shift rotation.

Unknown Officer:Unless I'm looking at the wrong thing, Walt, I didn't see anything but a white light southeast of the airport.

Voice: Keep trying, Walt. You'll find something.

TAPE BREAK: This next segment is a cellular telephone discussion recorded on the 9-1-1 channel because of the open phone line to the dispatch office. The conversation is between Controller Hutch and Officer Baker

BAKER: [jokes] I talked to these guys, everythings allright, they're going to go back to where they came from.

HUTCH: Did you see anything?

BAKER: I can see them. I've got them right here. I'm looking at it.

HUTCH: What the hell is it?

BAKER: I can see it from Warren Road.

Remaining 18-minutes not completed for this transcript

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